April 29, 2009

Anna Kournikova for K-Swiss

What happened to Anna Kournikova? She still plays tennis, but she’s more famous for looking hot than her tennis skills. If you Google her, she has more swimsuit pictures than her holding a racket.

Here is Anna Kournikova laying in a bunch of balls. I’m not sure how good she is at handling them considering she’s never really won a tournament. But she’s hot, and she’s handled some of the most expensive balls such as Sergi Federov’s and Enrique Iglesias’.

So I’m feeling testy this morning, oh and I really like her shoes!


  1. Oh la la! The inner tennis player in me is LOVING this. Xoxo-BLC

  2. haha, great description of her handling of balls.

    The shoot's a bit too cliched and expected for my liking, although she does look good.

    - frouu/nadia

  3. ha ha you are so right!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sex appeal advertisement! I know, I love the Paris Hilton perfume :)

  5. aint thats some shit. she cant play for crap yet she still famous and making bank. I havent seen her in forever though. Also, i have to agree with the shoes. Theyre really nice!

  6. thank you gorgeous!!!

    anna is hot!


  7. she is pretty hot. and who wouldn't want to lay in a vat of balls? BALLS. gotta love balls.

  8. Those shots are so beautiful,and i agree that those shoes are great.;D
    She's so gorgeous.;D


  9. She is sooooooo hotttt, MY BF LOVES HER hahhaha. She has such a great body.. I need to get into tennis!

  10. yeah for balls
    if she wasnt so pretty we wouldve never heard of her - shes not fabulous with the racket :)

    i love the name of your blog! thanks for sharing :) yum yum champagne i would like some right now...

  11. Gorgeous..She's so lovely..;D


  12. hahhah... i loved the line " she's handled the most expensive balls... " very funny!!

  13. Hey! That's so true.
    She's more famous for looking gorgeous.
    She was here on Guam and alot of people took pictures with her - and I don't think it's because of her accomplishments in Tennis. Lol.

  14. Oooh I love Anna! I think she is so hot!!! Although she has been looking a little too skinny of late!! I love how her and Enrique don't flash around their relationship, they seem private which is nice I think!
    Btw, thanks so much for your comment :) Yes, yes you should defin. try out Lollipop Loving, I am starting to like it now!!!

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