April 8, 2009

Champagne Spotlight: MadeMoiselleMichelle

Champagne Spotlight is when we feature one of the fellow bloggers. We came across Mademoisellemichelle’s Blog and after talking to her, we found out that she is cool like Kim Kardashian and sweet like the girl next door. So check out what she has to say!

Left: H&M leather bomber jacket & pumps; American Apparel skirt; Forever 21 Tee
Right: H&M jacket and denim; Forever 21 boots; American Apparel dress

POP: Describe your style.
MICHELLE: Girly yet edgy and very very versatile! I can look elegant one day and grungy or biker chic the next. It
all depends on my mood and the occasion.

POP: What is one cosmetic item you can’t live without?
MICHELLE: MAC liquid last black eyeliner. I am obsessed with black eyeliners and this one goes on so smoothly!

POP: What is the “must-have” item for this summer?
MICHELLE: The body con bandage dress. They are fitted for every woman and sexy in the way that they show off our curves nicely.

POP: If you have $3000 to spend in a store, which one would it be?
MICHELLE: It would have to be H&M. They have clothing for every occasion and for very reasonable prices. The variety is incredible and it targets at people of all ages and styles.

POP: Who do you think is the best dressed and worst dressed celebrity today?
MICHELLE: I think the best dressed celebrity is Kim Kardashian. She knows how to accentuate her curves and she always look sophisticated. The worst dressed is Amy Winehouse. She constantly looks like a mess and never wears anything flattering.

POP: Who do you think is the prettiest in Sex and the City?
MICHELLE: Sarah Jessica Parker because of her style and quirky personality on the show

POP: If you had to pick either Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan as your partner in The Amazing Race, who would you pick?
MICHELLE: I would much rather have Paris as my partner. She seems a bit more warm and friendly than Lindsey and not as snooty.

POP: Okay, last question. Fuck, Chuck or Marry: Justin Timberlake, Nick Carter, John Mayer.
MICHELLE: Fuck John Mayer, Chuck Nick Carter, Marry Justin Timberlake of course! Lol

Yeah, Nick Carter's sexy stocks really took a dive when Backstreet Boys got old.