April 4, 2009

Girlicious Make Our Cork Pop

My friend AM and I decided to do some Stupid Shit (pun intended) and drive to Gatineau, Quebec to see Girlicious. One great thing about Gatineau is that the legal age in Quebec is 18. So when I say “underage”, I am talking about girls with baby fat and braces. If your idea of fun consists of being a perverted nerd, then you will have a blast having a night out in Gatineau.

Watching Girlicious was exciting. They performed for close to an hour on stage and they had lots of energy and great dance routines. I know their television reality show The Pussycat Dolls Represent: Girlicious was over last year and some might say that they are in the “almost irrelevant” category, but they can sure sing and hey, Natalie is super hot... and I got to see up her skirt numerous times for just $23.

So here are some pictures from the show. I’m not sure that if girls at this particular bar are just the more “giving” type, but check out this chick dancing with her friends in her leg brace below. You know she is one hard working wh*** that a band aid over the kneecap just won’t do.