April 20, 2009

Ivanka Trump does Maxim Germany

Ivanka Trump is a smart cookie. She knows the fastest way to make some cash in this recession while daddy trump may be struggling.

Here are some photos of her in Maxim Germany May 09 issue. She’s such an entrepreneur like her dad!

Oh and Ivanka, since you’re already posing for Maxim Germany, you do know that they do topless shots if you ever want a bigger pay cheque... just kidding!


  1. she is hot !! I think she is a combination of Beauty and Brain :)

  2. Yeah, I knew someone who went to the same high school as Ivanka, she said that Ivanka is actually really smart :) I thought that was inspiring

  3. Gawd she is gorgeous!! I once saw her while skiing in Aspen. She was at Bonnie's Restaurant on Aspen Mountain eating lunch with her Mom. And she is even more beautiful in person!


  4. oh i adore her! she is beautiful, smart, and exudes so much class! someone i can definitely look up to! she kicks ass!!!

    oh and i love your new profile photo! please post some of your photos on your blog!

  5. her face is a little strange to me. but she is the model and i am not, so i should just shut up right now!!!!

  6. I love her! I admire women who are from wealthy families but become smart and successful on their own.

  7. See-- this is proof that u can be gorgeous despite having a heinous daddo! SHe's a hottie-mc-totie!!!

  8. It's really nice that shes from a wealthy family but contributes to society unlike Paris Hilton that just do stupid stuff all day.

    Haha drool girl, the first time I saw her I thought she was Tara Reid! I was like "wow they did some good photoshop on Tara!"

  9. wow, i didn't even recognize her in the first 2 photos. way to go ivanka!

  10. she has such a sexy look. Like, you get the girls that are cute, or beautiful but this one is a SEX MUFFIN! hehehe


  11. She looks great! It's always amazing to me how the Donald is her dad, he obviously didn't pass on any of genes :p

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