April 27, 2009

Jessica Biel Strips for DVD Release

Here is something depressing but I'll admit that I slightly chuckled. It’s been a bad month for Jessica Biel as her relationship with Justin Timberlake is on the rocks* and her upcoming release “Powder” is going straight to DVD. This is a bit embarrassing for Ms. Biel since her first topless scene is only DVD worthy as it does not have enough hype to be released in theatres.

According to NY post:

JESSICA Biel -- one of the sexiest, most beautiful women in the world -- has had bad luck with her latest movies, and hasn't been seen on the big screen since "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" two years ago. Not even scenes of Biel dancing topless as a stripper in "Powder" -- co-starring Ray Liotta, Kris Kristofferson, Forest Whitaker and Lisa Kudrow -- could get the somber drama a theatrical release. "Powder" is going straight to DVD in June.

It amaze me that beautiful actresses like Jessica Biel and Rachel Leigh Cook
suffers a movie career flop while clown looking Anne Hathaway is in demand.

Don’t worry, Jessica Biel will shave her head in 4, 3, 2…

* Edited: No official comfirmation on the split. Rumours had it that JT was "very much like a single guy" at Kate Hudson's 30th B Day party a few weeks back.