April 9, 2009

Jessica Simpson says Goodbye to Country Music

Jessica Simpson is not doing a good job singing about pick-up trucks and horses. As hot as she is, Jessica recently got dropped from Sony Nashville record.

It is not surprising since her winter tour with Rascall Flats was shaky. On top of the weight drama, Jess forgot her lyrics at some of her concerts and got booed a few times. I don’t think this was a shock to her since she did not show up at the American Country Music Award on Sunday night. Her country debut album only sold a disappointing 170,000 copies. As her rep said:

"She was on loan to Sony Nashville for her country album. She is and has always been an Epic artist and continues to be on Epic's label."

If you haven’t heard any songs from her country album, here’s her first release “Come On Over”. I personally like the song and I think she looks super cute in the music video.

I can’t imagine Jessica having a pop career again. I think Jess has a great voice, but she is too “wholesome” to be in the pop industry compare to the "it" artists now like Britney Spears and Pussycat Dolls. I hate to say this but unless she sex it up more I cannot see her having a number one hit on the pop charts anytime soon.

Tell me, would you be interested if Jessica Simpson makes another pop album?