April 15, 2009

Lindsay Lohan's Funny eHarmony Profile

When everyone in the world is making fun of you (other than Rosie O’Donald, she’s not funny), you can either cry and feel sorry for yourself, or you can also make fun of yourself and have a laugh too. Eventually everything will be put to the past, like Mariah Carey's mental meltdown.

Here is Lindsay Lohan doing an ad for eHarmony after getting dumped by Sam. I found it hilarious and I like it. This is the Lindsay we like! We want more of this!

Seeing Linds-Linds in this video has really opened my eyes. I have realized that someone out there will accept me for who I am, even if I fantasize about sleeping with Billy Ray Cyrus while holding a bucket of fried chicken. Now I just need to upload some of my pictures at the annual hot dog eating contest.