April 7, 2009

Flat Champagne: Little J looking Emo

Little J is growing up. Here’s Taylor Momsen and her mom on their way to a family reunion. Actually, I don’t know where they were going. But considering she was going somewhere dressing up like Courtney Love, maybe she was looking for drugs and offering a cheap lay to creepy pervs.

Sorry, but fishnet stockings with black leather boots is generally classic tramp attire. Perhaps she was just trying to be artistic and “think outside the box”. Maybe she was being the emo teenager that hates conformity. I’m not sure about the leather jacket with the summer dress either. Leather jacket seems like such a fall/winter thing to wear.

Call me traditional but if I see my 15 year old wearing something like that I would think that she’s doing drugs. I personally prefer the cute and preppy J.

What do you think?