April 17, 2009

Sizzling Champagne: Mandy Moore experimenting with 'Looking Sexy'

Mandy Moore, one of the few squeaky clean pop stars, is releasing a new album “Amanda Leigh” in the end of May. As a result, Mandy has been working on her comeback… The clean and classy way.

I thought her new single “I could break your heart any day of the week”
is only so-so. She is clearly experimenting with looking sexy in these photos but I’m still not convinced because of her lukewarm single. Mandy, pop industry has changed since the 90's. So either get a catchier single, or take more off.

One thing for sure, I know that Mandy had her share of douchebag boyfriends
and I’m sure that Ryan Adams is a talented guy… But I think someone as pretty as Mandy Moore can do much better. I mean, look at these pictures and look at him!

Maybe it's just me, but what do you think about Mandy's new single?


  1. good morn sweetie...
    let us know if you are ever out in the NW
    have a fab weekend...
    no more tickets :) heheheheh
    mona & the girls

  2. I think she looks pretty hot here ;)

  3. I haven't heard the single yet but you know what happens when pop stars start looking older & sexier... they eventually go crazy and shave their heads...
    I'm putting Mandy Moore on red alert.

  4. Thank you so much for leaving a comment at my blog. I guess that's star-crossed lovers eh?
    The third picture reminds me of Kelly Clarkson. (: xx

  5. I need to give it a listen...I have always liked her:)

  6. Nice pics!
    Haven't heard the album yet. . .


  7. It's classic, little girl trying to look grown up, she looks like she is trying her mothers clothing on!! I will listen to the single now but i have never rated her much anyway x

  8. I love Mandy Moore! These pics are hot!

  9. And yes, the song is a little blah.

  10. she does look good - i still need to listen to the song. im a huge ryan adams fan, hes incredibly talented, but i do think theyre a very odd couple!

  11. she looks good! i've always liked her

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