April 16, 2009

Lookbook Love: Nicole Richie's House of Harlow

Nicole Richie may be famous for being useless/Paris’s ex bff but she does have her fashion hits every now and then. Here is the pretty editorial for Nicole’s jewellery line House of Harlow.

Nicole says that the accessories are influenced by the 60’s and 70’s style. She’s so socially conscious since she wasn’t born back then and
she has been as high as a kite until just a few years ago.

Hopefully her headbands don't make my head look fat like
Mischa Barton’s. Speaking of which, I wouldn’t mind hearing another catfight between the two :P


  1. Aw snap... I didn't realize there was a Barton-Richie fued to begin with. How did I miss that? I can see why Mischa might be mad... she patented headbands afterall didn't she?!

  2. I just can't help but love her

  3. You know, I always thought that she's the pretty one between her and Paris on Simple Life

  4. what i want to know is... what the hell is going on in that van?
    Stevie Nicks called, she wants her wardrobe back.

  5. i actually love nicole richie
    i feel shes done a complete 180 with her life and looks aamazing recently!

  6. sometimes i REALLY wonder how on earth she makes a living? like what does she actually do that generates income?!

  7. How did I miss the Richie/Barton feud?! I follow Mischa on twitter and she seems so arrogant and above everyone, but it is twitter so I feel bad for making that judgement. But posting that you dumped your boyfriend over twitter? Harshhh!
    I really love the house of harlow range, I hope it comes to a store near to me in the UK, fingers crossed!

  8. Wow, she looks gorgeous in these pictures!

  9. I adore this collection. I am wanting the ring from Nicole's collection. :)


  10. i LOVE that first picture!!