April 6, 2009

Sam Ronson Locking Lindsay Lohan Out

Not that getting the cops involved and going to court for your relationship is a sign that you should probably quit already, Sam Ronson has changed the locks to her door this weekend. Sam is quitting on Lindsay Lohan for good, again.

Lindsay showed up at Charlotte Ronson’s JcPenny party to celebrate her new line. Mommy and Daddy Ronson were there and Sam specifically told the bounders not to let Lindsay in. Sources said that Lindsay wasn’t even supposed to be there. But like Madonna, Linds-Linds is not familiar of the word “denied”. After getting so heated from being stopped at the door, Linds-Linds had to be retained by five security guards.

I’m sure she screamed at the security guards with one of the famous people’s favourite lines: “do you know who I am?!” and it is because she is Lindsay Lohan that she got denied. Famous people needs people like us to spell it out for them.

So Lindsay has been staying at Chateau Marmont with her 16 year old sister after being barred from her girlfriend. Right at this moment Linds-Linds is probably cuddling up to the television, watching The Notebook and sniffing a pile of cocaine to get over her sads-sads. This deserves a :(