April 7, 2009

Sizzling Champagne: Carrie Underwood

I think I’m ready to make peace with Carrie Underwood. I wasn’t very impressed when she ducked like a little school girl at a recent Senators game here in Ottawa but I have to admit that I love her wardrobe choices.

Carrie came out of her hiding at the 2009 American Country Music Awards in what looked like a sophisticated toga and she looked fabulous! Sure, the gown may be somewhat see-through but she’s got to show a bit of something-something to keep the males out there interested. Right?

If you’re not a big fan of the gown above, then check out this dress that she performed in. As Carrie described the dress as: "It's big. There's a lot...a lot of dress… It's hard to describe. Kind of like water, maybe? Like red water? That sounds scary, doesn't it? Maybe like lava. It's like lava. Or icing. Red icing."

This neat dress is designed by
Rafael Cennamo, Rosario Dawson and Jane Kaczmarek. I wonder if she went to the washroom with it. Actually, I hope that Mike Fisher had fun playing hide and seek taking off Carrie’s underwear in that dress.