April 9, 2009

Vintage Champagne: Rachel Stevens

Vintage Champagne is when we feature someone from the past that has caught our attention again. Do you remember Rachel Stevens? “No. Pop, I don’t care about ‘E list’ celebrities”. How about S Club 7? “OMG YES I loved them when I was in high school!”

Oh admit it. You probably jumped up and drew a backwards “S” when “S Club Party” came on the radio. I thought Rachel Stevens was cutest one in S Club 7. She was not the brunette (Tina), or the baby spice look-alike (Hannah), or the blonde with big teeth that sings a lot (Jo). This pop tart has bloomed into a beautiful daisy while we were busy getting our degrees over the last few years. Check out what she recently posted!

I’m surprised that I still remember all of their names. Okay fine, I still have them in my play list. And I still jump and draw a backwards “S” when I get too excited. You caught me.


  1. She always was the hottest one! But does this mean that she is actually doing anything with her life?

  2. I think this may have been "after" my time. ;)

    I vaguely remember them.

    Thanks for visiting my site today!

  3. Rachel was my favorite!!!!!

    there ain't no party like an S Club party.

  4. oh i completely forgot about S club 7! I totally used to watch this show. :)

  5. Haha the show was cheese-tastic! I liked how they always ended with them singing a song haha. Well I think Rachel is better known in UK, she had a couple of songs out etc just not here in North America. The songs are okay, not as catchy as S Club lol.

  6. Hey Pop Champagne! Thanks for the blog comment and for visiting! Your blog looks divalicious!

  7. s.....club there ain't no party like an s club party....gonna show you how
    I remember them
    ha that's funny

  8. S Club 7!! Haha, I used to love them. I memorised Bring It All Back and used to play it over and over and over...

  9. haha, i'm afraid i'm also guilty of still loving them!

  10. So I remember hearing about S Club 7 back in the day, but I have to admit that I have no idea who they were.

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