April 9, 2009

Vintage Champagne: Rachel Stevens

Vintage Champagne is when we feature someone from the past that has caught our attention again. Do you remember Rachel Stevens? “No. Pop, I don’t care about ‘E list’ celebrities”. How about S Club 7? “OMG YES I loved them when I was in high school!”

Oh admit it. You probably jumped up and drew a backwards “S” when “S Club Party” came on the radio. I thought Rachel Stevens was cutest one in S Club 7. She was not the brunette (Tina), or the baby spice look-alike (Hannah), or the blonde with big teeth that sings a lot (Jo). This pop tart has bloomed into a beautiful daisy while we were busy getting our degrees over the last few years. Check out what she recently posted!

I’m surprised that I still remember all of their names. Okay fine, I still have them in my play list. And I still jump and draw a backwards “S” when I get too excited. You caught me.