May 16, 2009

Champagne Review: E.L.F Eye Cosmetics

I’m huge on shimmering eye shadow so when I saw E.L.F’s mineral eye shadow advertised as “Sorry MAC!” I just had to try it out! And of course I couldn’t resist and ordered a few other things for my Upcoming Contest starting next week, so stay tuned!

E.L.F Eye Cosmetics Review

1. Color Quality?

E.L.F Neutral Eye Shadow Palette
Normally I find that when I purchase drug store brand eye shadows (ie Maybelline) the color isn’t nearly as vibrant when you put it on as to when you see it on the palette. But for E.L.F neutral eye shadow, what you see is what you get! I’m impressed.

E.L.F Celebrity Mineral Eye Shadow
I used this gold shimmer for the light part of my eyes. It isn’t as vibrant as MAC’s or Red Earth’s shimmering eye shadow, but it’s comparable to Sephora’s.

E.L.F Black Liquid Eyeliner
It’s okay. The black turned dark grey on my eyelids, I had to apply it twice to get the solid black.

2. Long Lasting?
All of the products mentioned are good, the Mineral Eye Shadow’s shimmer does fade after a few hours. MAC’s shimmering eye shadow definitely last longer, but E.L.F is a lot cheaper.

3. Price?
You get what you pay for and E.L.F is great quality for what you pay. I would buy the eye shadow and the mineral eye shadow again, but I’m sticking to my Maybelline waterproof eyeliner.

4. Pictures!
Here are some pictures of me with only the make up shown in the picture above. The pictures were taken at the Casino in Gatineau, Quebec. I like how the casino doorman gave me a flower when I went inside, and then Casino took $50 from me. Ugh, craps is the devil!!