May 7, 2009

Flat Champagne: Rihanna

Rihanna has been caught around town with boy hair and a bunch of weird outfits. Check out her Dracula tuxedo and the trampy thigh high stockings. I bet all the cross dressers are pissed that she’s jacking their style.

Is she confused about her sexuality? The left outfit says “lady, you’re real hot, lets get you drunk and get a room”, the middle outfit says “come do me fo a twenty dolla bill”, and the right outfit makes her look like a tranny granny.

Perhaps she’s just trying to be inventive as an artist but I think she hit her head too many times that she can’t think properly. Someone needs to beat some fashion sense into her.

Sorry bad joke. Chris Brown’s a douchebag. Seriously though, I think she’s really pretty but she’s messing herself up real good with the boy hair and the weird clothes. And that makes me sad!