May 21, 2009

Maxim's Top Ladies of '09

Maxim recently released their top 100 hottest female of 2009. It pretty much contains all of Hollywood's bang-able female celebrities and their neighbours. That's the only explanation how Fergie Fug made the cut.

Noticed that I said “bang-able celebrities”, which explained why the diseased Paris Hilton
is not on the list. She got replaced by Michelle Obama at number 93.

Olivia Wilde
made Maxim’s hottest female of 2009. I think that she looks like Megan Fox but she’s smarter. I call Olivia Wilde “Megan 2.0” because she’s the improved version. Like the software with updated patches. Actually, I don’t even know if Olivia is smarter but she talks less- Which is better in Megan’s case. Since they fixed that bug in Megan 2.0, it made Olivia the hottest of ‘09, and Megan Fox only as the 2nd hottest.

Here are Maxim’s top 10 starting from number 10. I’m pretty sure this is rigged
because how Miranda Kerr is only num 58 and J Love is num 10 is beyond me.