May 14, 2009

Miss California Vs. Former Miss Nevada

Catfights and drama in pageants? Whaa?! Former Miss Nevada Katie Rees (on the left) is pissed that Miss California Carrie Prejean (on the right) got to keep her crown after her topless photos got leaked out. Katie felt that there was a huge “double standard” since Donald Trump stripped Katie of her title when she got naked.

Katie said, "I don't know why I am the only one who was punished for their behavior… I was only 19 when those photos were taken of me, and it was me in my personal life, far before I was crowned Miss Nevada. Carrie actually posed for these professional semi-nude photos. I think that's worse."

Dear Katie,

You probably spend most of your day looking pretty so I’m here to help you through this.

- Carrie tied herself to a controversial topic that if she gets stripped from her crown that it would cause uproar from crazy religious people.
- Your photos are just plain raunchy. Carrie’s are 10 times more tasteful than yours.
- You will never reclaim your title also because
you now have a criminal record for assaulting a police officer.

Sorry Katie, it’s politics. And you got screwed.

Now it's Naked Photo Time! On the left are Katie’s naked photos and on the right are Carrie’s. I think that Katie has to do a little better than just “I got drunk, those are personal photos” to reclaim her crown.