May 6, 2009

Pink is Not Bisexual

Pink recently shut down Perez Hilton’s rumour about her being bisexual on Twitter.

i just read that im bisexual. so 1991. good thing people write articles about me so i can get my facts str8. i mean straight. read on people

8:40 PM May 2nd from web@PerezHilton 100% FABRICATION.
4:01 AM May 3rd from web in reply to PerezHilton

I sometimes get the impression that Perez thinks the world would be a better place if all straight people explore some homo or bisexuality at least once. Well, I’d need at least a few bottles of wine and a roofie… and then I’d probably just pass out. So… That’s that.

And 1991? I remember the first bisexual I saw on TV was Willow from Buffy The Vampire Slayer in 1999. Pink is so ahead of my time!