June 1, 2009

Champagne Goes To: Vancouver, BC, Canada

I just came back from Vancouver, BC yesterday and I have to say that it’s the second best thing than going straight to my mother land Taiwan! The food, the shopping… I just love it there! It brought back memories when I lived there for my work term a few years back. I think I teared a little when I had my first meal (ramein and bubble tea) on Thursday. haha!

I mainly went over to visit friends (including my BFF/BBF MizzJ), sister, shop and eat. We have no good Chinese food in Ottawa so I loaded up on dim sum, ramein and cheap bubble tea. I bought a bunch of stuff that I normally can’t get in Ottawa and I had such a great time! I was sad when I had to leave on Sunday...

Tomorrow I’m heading back to Ottawa and work again. I can’t wait until my next vacation! Here are some pictures of my wonderful Vancouver trip!

Picture Places: 1. Waterfront Station; 2. Vancouver Art Gallery; 3. Bubble World on Robson; 4. Waterfront Station; 5. Stanley Park; 6. Richmond Night Market; 7. BC Ferry