June 21, 2009

Champagne Style: Cuz I'm a Gold Digga, So What?!

This is for Whit's Gold Digga Contest. This was one of the most fun yet the most work that I've done for a contest so far! After chewing Hubba Bubba for 3 hours just the smell of it makes me wanna yack now. LOL so enjoy!

Lyrics below was taken off Kayne West's "Gold Digger".

Cutie the bomb, met her at a beauty salon

With a baby Louis Vuitton under her underarm

Far as girls you got a flock, I can tell by your charm and your arm

It take too much to touch her, from what I heard she got a baby by Busta

My best friend say she use to f-ck with Usher

I don't care what none of you all say I still love her