June 7, 2009

The Short Hair Debate

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While I was waiting for my dentist I read this article in Chatelaine on women with short hair (as in above the shoulder) that is so interesting that I have to share.

We all agree that our hair is a form of our expression and that short hair (above the shoulder) is back. Take a look at Posh and Rihanna’s hair cuts. Yet the article says that a lot of men subconsciously feel that a woman reduces their attractiveness when they cut their hair short and it may be a signal to push men away.

The article then said that when a woman cuts their hair short, she is subconsciously making a statement that says “I don’t want to be seen as a sex object”. Cutting your hair that short is a rebellion against Barbie’s long, blonde hair that we girls grew up with.

Short hair just seems like a good “Screw you” to the traditional society. The article says that in
Forbes Magazine’s list of the 100 powerful women, the majority have short hair! It seems that these women wants to be taken more mentally than physically, that they’re not trying to win men over by their appearance ie Hilary Clinton.

If you work in the tech industry like me, take a look around your office and I bet you that a lot of women have short hair. Most short hair women in my office also seem to have a more feisty personality as well.

I asked a few of my guy friends that if there was a short hair and a long hair girl, both equally attractive, which one would they approach. All of them said the long hair girl. They also all agreed that women loose their femininity which lose their sex appeal when they cut their hair short, and that they might be a lesbian.

I suppose that is true to a degree, I mean Elen DeGenerous, Rosie O'donald and Pink aren’t exactly known for their femininity.

I will admit that I have dyed my hair from blonde highlights to black and cut it shorter because I felt that I would be taken more seriously. There were also times in school when I got a good mark, but the guys around me would say “oh, it’s because she got help with that” like they didn't believe I could do it on my own. I always felt that it’s because I dress a lot more feminine than the rest of the girls in engineering- Because they didn’t pick on the other girls that have shorter hair and wears a t shirt and jeans to school everyday nearly as much.

So what are your opinions of short hair?