July 10, 2009

About Me

I got tagged by lovely Roseilee and Lindah (I’m in love with her car) for the Honest Scrap! Both of these girls are super nice and talented at make up, so check them out :)

10 interesting facts about me

1. I have a bunny rabbit named Turbo. He’s the most emo and angry rabbit - he’s swiped me, bit me, and head butted me in the past when he’s pissed but I love him!

A pic of me and my kid from a few years ago

2. I’m prefer to hang out in a small group of close friends instead of going to a party and meet new people. Though I may be smiling and making small talks, I don't feel comfortable being in a room with a bunch of people I don't know.

3. I like pink, bows and headbands... In case you haven’t noticed from Glam, Sparkle and Pop LOL!

4. I find religion and different cultural beliefs fascinating. I once read chapter 1 of the Quran just for the heck of it.

5. I love flats! I wear flats or sandals pretty much everyday because they’re so comfy.

6. I can’t stand cheap or trashy people. If the guy is cheap during the dating period then imagine what he’d be like once he’s comfortable. As for trashy- I think we can all agree on that ;)

7. I’m generally very easy going but I do have my “Green Hulk” moments. If someone takes advantage of me or is being a selfish prick that inconveniences me to a point where plans have to be changed to accomodate them then I get mad!

8. I’m afraid of the dark and I still sleep with a night light.

9. I may be a girly girl but I LOVE rock music! And none of that whiny punk stuff like Good Charlotte and Simple Plan either (haha no offence!). I mean like Goo Goo Dolls, U2, Third Eye Blind, Smashing Pumpkins, Dave Matthew’s Band, The Wallflowers, Collective Soul, Our Lady Peace, The Verve, Bon Jovi, Oasis etc. I like hip hop and top 40’s but I LOVEEE my rock!

Some of my favourite albums of all time

10. When I first started modeling 6 years ago, Coco Rocha was my mentor. Coco taught me how to catwalk ;)

Left: Me with Coco at the Faces West Modeling Convention; Right: This is what you'll prob recognize her in

Since then I’ve learned modeling is not the thing for me. For one thing I'm only 5"6'. And you have to put up with a LOT of BS and flaky/slimey people, and people that are all just talk. Plus when I get my creative bursts for shoots I like posession of all my raw photos – which a lot of photographers don’t like.
So I rather do my own thing.


1. ~tHiAmErE~
- One of the nicest, most down to earth girls I’ve met on Blogspot!
2. Hanako66
- She’s so stylish!
3. e.motion in motion
- She’s super good at nails, plus she has the cutest kitty
4. ~Kay~
- hot for knowing how to drive a motorcycle
5. Shantee
- Always so happy plus she’s a good singer
6. Nic Nic
- Super nice and she has the cutest YouTube videos of herself!
7. Janelle
- She’s cute, sporty and LOVES BUFFY!! How can I not love her?! Hehe


  1. I loved reading all these things about you!

  2. Fantastic post! Love it!


  3. I agree with Blair. :) and I love Ur video and song...


  4. omgosh i was obsessssed with that song for the longest time but havent heard it in forever!! thank you for reminding me to put it on my ipod haha!

    and your honest scrap is so cute, i have a bunny rabbit too that i adore to pieces :)

  5. that's crazy... i'm still a bit afraid of the dark too! i like to leave the tv on [with the sleep timer, of course] at night. the light and the noise help me sleep.

  6. i LOVEEEEEE that donna lewis song!!!! yeayyyhh! hahaha! and i also love that you like rock music...the GOOD kind! :) happpy friday!

  7. Ahh, The Goo Good Dolls are one of my favorites.

  8. no girl i dont live there, im visiting though July 22

  9. So with you on #6! And how fun that you have a bunny :)

    Btw, will have to check out your other blog - that headband is gorgeous, as are you!


  10. Great to learn more about you!
    I LOVE your rabbit :)
    Too cute.

  11. thank you so much!!!

    I always love hearing about my fav's:) you are so funny and are so lucky you got to meet coco!!!

  12. haha!
    lol at turbo headbutting you!
    its great to know lots of things about you..

    thank you so much for the compliment,hun
    you're so sweet

  13. You're real pretty! I just followed your blog:) Love your hair accessories too!

  14. The Retro Friday is a great idea! Super cheesy, but i love it!
    And tat pic of u and your bunny is adorable :)
    i love that ad of Coco's, she looks so fab in it.
    i had fun reading this post
    have a good weekend girlie

  15. Thanks for the tag again hehe xD I will do it when I think of more things to write about xD I'm similar to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10.

    I learned the same things about modeling as you -_-;; I wasted lots of time, $$, and effort in that department >_<

    Hehe and cute bunny :D I will work on a bunny charm for you :3

  16. Hey there,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your blog is cool. Have just followed :-)


  17. hey sweety .. your bunny is so cute! yeah, cheap guys = MAJOR turnoff haha. I am afraid of the dark too .. but I think we just scare ourselves hahaha

  18. I like your bunny picture hahaha, but owww a rabbit that bites...

    And I could go on ranting about trashy people, for instance my new neighbors. UGH.

    Definitely invest in an oil burner! My room smells like my dog, but once you light it up, it smells like the oil! :)

  19. i totally agree with 8. I'm scared of the dark too!

  20. OMG, I agree with #6! SOmehow, moving to Sacramento I find that I'm always surrounded by trashy people. Its a city without class. I feel like a fish out of water here, sometimes ;(

  21. An emo bunny! I love it! And yeah, cheapo's to the LEFT.

  22. that was fun to read. I'm the complete opposite at parties, I love meeting new people and I always feel really rude if I go somewhere with a group because I never want to stick around exclusively with them haha.

  23. your bunny sounds so adorable and demented! =)


  24. i love ur pics, ur poses & stuff, & there are alot of things we are alike, hmm wanna b a model too someday but i guess im too short, oh well i'm hubby's private model...lol

  25. It's nice to read more about you! =P Wow it's so cool that you met Coco!!

  26. Ugh, I can't stand the Simple Plan, Good Charlotte kinda crap either. It's horrific.

  27. aw.. you're so sweet :)
    thanks for tagging me pop champagne! <3

    your post was so fun to read :) I love your pic with your bunny!!! <3 so adorable :) i've always wanted a bunny :)
    #6 made me laugh :P that's so true! :P
    I also like your music taste! :) rock on!!!

  28. OMG, I totally remember that song!!! Great list! We have a bunch of things in common.


  29. lol! your rabbit is very interesting!

  30. Hey do you read Coco's blog? It's pretty interesting!

  31. it's a so interesting to read about blog friends. i like small groups too.

  32. Whoooa :] I enjoyed reading this! OMG! Your bunny head butt you? I never heard of sucha thing! That's so interesting, lol! I never had a bunny so I wouldn't know. And I can totally relate to #4-7!

  33. interesting 10 facts!! i am also scared of the dark. i will literally wake up my sis to go w/me to the bathroom to pee. hehehehe

    COCO ROCHA!!! how cool was that!!!

  34. ...wow!!that was interesting i love flats & bows too..& I definitely can't sleep without light...

  35. It was really good to know things about you Pop :) Stay pretty

  36. Turbo is such a cute name for your bunny....

    Coco was actually your mentor? You must be kidding!...OMG ....she is the most awesome model on earth....you are so lucky! How is she?...i mean..... as a person?

    I think you should do a post on coco being your mentor...i'd love to hear the whole story!

  37. hheeh.i had a rabbit once...he likes cabbage a lot..you re very beautiful and sexy

  38. I used to love that song so much back in the day! Wow, really brings me back, hahaha. Cute pic of you and your bunny, I have a friend who has the cutest bunny (very creatively named "bunny") who is so cute but can get rather psycho sometimes!

  39. yey!! thank you so much for doing that the tag!!! we are similar in some ways =)

    i think i'm obsessed with bunnies. lol i don't know why! i currently own two lionhead bunnies. they're both female and so adoreable. their names are bebe and cookie (she looks like an oreo lol). i don't like office parties because of the small talk with people i don't know. lol.
    that is so awesome that you met coco rocha and that she taught you how to catwalk! awesome =)

    i'm really glad you did this! =) have a great weekend =)

  40. your bunny is very cute!! Even i love rock,its sounds like "full of life" to me.

  41. i wanna be a model so baddd. sucks ima short shit :(

  42. LOL! I'm going to model with this car one day xD I don't think I could model, I need a new nose :P well actually if you watch me in person and do a nose comparison my nose is puny o_O!!! what's a CSX? They're done with TSX already?! lol I hate trashy people too! Especially when they come to where I work and eat. like OMG go home and stop making a mess in here!! and you and the bunny (turbo) look cute :)

  43. I really like the song, I always have since forever! & gosh, I loved reading about you. I didn't know that you did modeling like THAT, so cool!

  44. Love the 10 facts about you. Your rabbit is huge, its coat reminds me of chocolate. I have a dwarf rabbit, and his coat is like a caramel color hence his name Caramel lol.

  45. hahahaha...i wish I dont get the runs but the fact is I've been stuffing myself too much with foods here -_-"" bad bad bad hana...
    your turbo is so cute!!when i first saw the pic i thought it was a plushie lolz..i had a pet bunny once too, but it died because it got sick :(
    and oh yes, I wear flats like it's the most IN thing in the world! I cant stand heels, let alone killer ones!! I will topple over if i try to run in them (well, actually i did topple over once -_-")

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  47. Now I know a bit more about u. hehe. Thanks for sharing. I didn't know u liked Rock music.
    That's so awesome that u have a pic with Coco Rocha. =)

    I'm not sure if I already answer your ques, but if I did sorry about repeating myself. I'm raised in SF, but I moved to the suburbs 6 years ago so I live about 20-25 mins away from SF. I still visit SF of course, since it's just a drive away. hehe. However, I prfer to shop more toward my side in Palo Alto. =)

  48. my bunny has a temper too! she's a netherland dwarf but she's got quite a temper sometimes haha
    i'm with you on #5 and #8..5 the reasons are cuz my feet are too wide...like part of the big toe bone is sticking out too much puhahaha
    nice to know these little facts about you =D

  49. Same here for #2, 4, 6, 7, 9. :D

    And I love that Donna Lewis song! (>_<)v

  50. thanks for tagging me!!! You Kelly Chen used to be a model too :P before she sang... ;)

    im with you on no.2, 6 and 9. Though i think im more open about no.2 these days since finding close frds is hard in a place like tokyo!

  51. pet bunny is really adorable even if his moody hihi :) i agree with # 6 - "turn- off "

    you are tall already!? are you satisfied ? or wish you were bit taller?!

  52. It's really cool to read all these things about you. It's neat to learn more about our fellow bloggers. Hope you had a nice weekend. Cheers!

  53. Thanks for sharing, you are such a cutie!
    I adore Boo, my fave Pixar character ever :)
    Hope you had a fab weekend!

  54. Love your headbands..=D And the video is great! Thanks for sharing it to us. Have a great day.=D

  55. Amamzing! The bows and headbands are so cute! And you really look good on them.;D

  56. THANKS FOR THE TAG, HUN! Aww I'm so honored you picked me! Buffy lovers gotta stick together. ;D

    I don't think anyone has ever called me sporty before. I like it! I'll do this soon. :) I've been neglecting my blog lately but hopefully that will change!

  57. Aw! ILY Pop Champagne! <3
    I have a bunny too! Hes adorable..and also enjoys taking little nips at me! Maybe I will post about him sometime!
    I can totally relate with the fear of darkness. It has gripped me ever since I was a child that something may be lurking out there..even my large closet. So I took off the doors. A little better, but the fear is still there! lol
    And I also hate on trashy people. Especially the cougars who have mad muffin top but still wear magenta leggings and uber tight tank tops with too much make up, jewelry, and teased hair!

  58. Ur soo pretty! U remind me of April from America's next top model season 2!!! I love alternatives too, especially smashing pumpkins! woot. i'm a new follower :D take care hun!

  59. i love rock too,. followed you sis..

  60. I love Smashing Pumpkins, too :)