July 29, 2009

Lady GaGa a Big Mess

Here are some pictures of Lady GaGa greeting her fans in some sparkly granny panties and stockings with holes.

If I didn’t know that she’s a celebrity I’d assume she’s some random diseased hooker- You’d be more safe licking the stripper pole than making out with her. But since she’s famous and all I guess what she is wearing is considered artistic.

Don't you hate these double standards?! Hymph. Happy hump day!


  1. ooo really i have alot to learn from you! alesse? what is that? its good? cause yeah i have craaazy skin i dont even know what to do!

    theres this anti biotic totally cleared up the dept of the acne but i have the uptop that i have to worry about now like the top layer of skin .. but so i guess thats a good thing.

    yes definetaly a good diet and water! thanks!

  2. Girl, you didn't come by to pick your award yesterday! BOOOOO, sorry I missed you!!!
    I don't think you need makeup, lovely when you wear it, but I know you're lovely w/o it!
    Lady Gaga...gosh, there's nothing ladylike about her.

  3. I agree with Ela Honey. :-)


  4. really,u look flawless,i thought that u wear foundie and full makeup all the time !lucky u !:)
    yes if i didnt know it was lady gaga,i'd have thought she was some kinda drunk street hooker.bahahahha

  5. That's weird cos blush makes the scars on my cheeks stand out more =(

    Urghhh, Lady Gaga looks weird here

  6. haha i love lady gaga. i think she looks kind of smashing here. and maybe smashed haha but also smashing

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. you girls wear make up?. cool! i never wore make up in my life.. no blush or no shades on my eyes! honestly i dunno how to wear a make up! most people in my place don do that too! But in future i might try to wear!

    i don have Acne and i apply sun screen to protect my skin from tanning. if possible i clean my face and body with good fruits .. so that my skin stays healthy!
    i really want to see how you work with the make up! Because your skin looks perfect in all the pictures! its really cool!

    Thanks for this post .. i might try your steps in future!

    And talking bout Lady GaGa .. she is pretty terrible!

  9. it is crazy how she dresses in panties all of the time!

    thanks for sharing your beauty stuff..you always look so gorgeous!

  10. Hahaha I agree with what you said about Lady Gaga! xD These double standards are everywhere when it comes to celebs.

  11. Yay I love learning about other beauty routines especially from my pretty friends bwahahahaaha.

    And Lady Gaga can do no wrong in my eyes...which is crazy, because some things aren't ok.

  12. lol I like some of her songs, but wow she looks like gwen stefani X christina aguilera mix streetwalker.
    i really want to try that shine reducing moisturizer. it looks interesting. where is it available?

  13. I can't believe Lady Gaga is wearing a bra out in public. That's horrible!

  14. Thanks for sharing and answering those questions about you! Especially about skin care because I'm still trying to get those annoying pimples that pop up once in a while to stop coming back! Don't really want to try birth control though, maybe I just need to eat healthier. Lol I love your honesty about celebrities..so funny cause it's so true!!

  15. Thanks for sharing your skincare products ;)

    Gosh, thats some nasty "outfit" Lady gaga is wearing. At least choose some sexier lingerie.....

  16. i guess she thinks any publicity is than than none!

  17. I mailed out your bunny today! Hope it gets there safely (: I haven't really touched the blush in my Sephora palette yet hehe xD

    Eeew and I actually like Lady Gaga but outfit = gross :/

  18. booo! totally hate double standards.... she looks like a cheap prosti!!!! and wow.. alesse cleared up your skin!??!?! hmmmm.....

  19. I love Gilligans Island :P. I used to watch it all the time.

    You have amazing skin...I clicked to enlarge one of your pics to see what pimples/discoloration you're talking about because I've never noticed it and I still didn't see anything.

    Lady Gaga's panties reminds me of the ugly granny undies they sell at Walmart/Target for like a dollar.

  20. Great pics of Lady Gaga! And thanks for sharing your beauty info!

  21. Hey hon, just saw your comment. No worries about posting, just wanted to make sure you saw it :) Aw, and tell Anthony that we loved it!

  22. the contacts are on special for $15 til tonight. today is the last day to get them for $15, after that it goes back to its orignal price. =P i highly recommend her as she is someone you can trust. and i am not just saying it, i really mean =P i've known her since highschool -_- so yeaah. . hehe

  23. Lady Gaga really pushes the tackiness meter... just because she is a celebrity, it does not do any justice how it seems like she throws random articles of clothing on and call it "art;" the same attitude goes for contemporary pieces of "art" with the splashes of paint on a canvas... seriously, what the hell.

  24. Haha...I love Lady Gaga's dance music for partying, but yeah, double standards really exist, true even for Rhianna and others who sport crappy outfits but declared "fashionistas" by media. darn.

    LOL to the "You’d be more safe licking the stripper pole than making out with her" comment. haha.

  25. in the philippines, "gaga" is a bad word...


  26. I think you look beautiful with or without makeup. Cool reading about what products you use.

    I like some of Lady GaGa's music, but she's so weird.

  27. Thanks for these great makeup tips! I will have to try some of the products you use.

    I always listen to Lady Gaga when I need to get motivated to clean the house. But when I see her I am like "ahhhh TRAINWRECK!!" she is a hot mess!

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  29. dude lady gaga is pretty out there lol. i love her music and her voice but sometimes shes just too weird for me. i agree with you, whatever she does is artistic coz shes famous..weird lol.

    and yeah dude, that man selling the fake MaC was a fool. He had everything. He even had wanna be pigments that smells like gun powder..yuck!

    ok one more thing lol. i had pretty bad skin in highschool too. it wasnt acne but i had tonz of pimples all over my face. I tried all kinds of home remedy like pricking and popping it haha! It just went away when i turned 17...thank God.

  30. i've been curious about that color play palette. the blushes are especially pretty. :) i love the Q & A about the products you use. i totally agree that water contributes to keeping the skin clear. :)

    as much as i love lady gaga, her fashion sense can be a bit outlandish. especially this granny panty ensemble here. lol. i do love her lipstick though. :)

  31. I was going to get my sister that palette :) and what is up with lady gaga?!?! I think she's fallen off the sane boat O_O This looks like she forgot to put on her "marilyn" inspired dress :P

    and I bet my makeup collection isn't too bad! I don't buy single eyeshadows often. I think I prefer palettes because I KNOW I won't ever be able to finish the eyeshadow off! lol :)

  32. pwahaha! granny panties yes! eww. when i heard her songs, i liked them coz they had a nice beat and i'd get LSS. but when i saw her music videos..i was turned off..i mean, yeah she's expressing herself and what not..but too much of it, its just not nice..not even appealing..my bf finds her very pretty. we even got into an argument about her. i was like "oh i find her music great, but her videos and outfits..ugh not so much", bf says "she's really pretty", me "no she's not pretty, i don't like her facial structure", bf "no,she's pretty", me "and she piles on the makeup, i wonder what she's hiding", bf "no she's pretty"..i got really pissed. me "you just find her pretty coz she dresses and dances slutty! seriosuly though,if she had no bangs and hair to cover parts of her face,i'd really think she's gay.", bf "you're just jealous coz she's prettier than you"..super duper pissed here..me "well whatever,you have no taste" and i didn't talk to him for hours. haha sorry for my long comment

  33. I really wanna try out this Yves Rocher’s Moisturizer. think i'm gonna get it when my moisturiser's over.
    mehhh about lady gaga, i like some of her music, but she's just too weird and vulgar. that's her way of seeking attention i guess

  34. Love your minimalist approach to makeup. And that palette is fab!


  35. I love Lady GaGa...
    but I was wondering how much drugs you gotta take to go out like that in public. You got the description to a 't' lol.
    I totally agree with miemiemie! I have been there with my bf, except he didnt cross the line by saying she is prettier than you, and not about Lady GaGa. he thinks she looks like a man.
    and she does. look at her facial features. Without make up and hair, she is a he. NO LIES! Look closely!

  36. same with me I'm prone to pimple but in my case until i get married :( It only diminished when I took birth control pills .. how much is alesse ?! i wanna try that cuz obviously your don't gained weight ...me I always gain weight when I'm on the pill even if I diet...that's my huge problem :(

    btw the blusher really suits on your skin tone:) and what happened to lady gaga is she on drugs lol

  37. Love Lady Gaga's music and her videos are pretty creative from a fashion perspective but for normal going out, she is a total trannie!

  38. I don't like lady gaga, just because of this! she looks like a tramp! and kids like her music and see her on tv and mags with these "clothes"! GAH!!!!!

    Have a great week!

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