July 13, 2009

Champagne's New Love

This weekend I went into Acura and bought a 2009 Acura CSX! For some reason they don't sell the CSX in US but it looks like the Civic Si Sedan both exterior and interior but the CSX doesn’t have as big of the engine since it's not a sporty car like the Si.

Here's the car on the right (on the left is Anthony's Si, yeah we're civic dorks but hey we're Asian). The pictures were taken with my Blackberry since I bought it at the spur of the moment ;)

It's grey so I named it Macy. haha get it? get it? HAR HAR HAR!

Here's me right after I signed my life away, welcome to the life of an adult - I mean, the life of debt!

Turbo also had a good weekend too. He's shedding all his winter fur so he's looking pretty patchy these days. Check out the bald spot beside his eye. I keep telling him that he has to look good around the ladies but he doesn't care. I mean, look at his love handles and his double chin!