July 30, 2009

Kelly Clarkson Complains Some More (and this time it isn't about men)

Currently, Kelly Clarkson is in some hot water as she spoke out publically about her displeasure with co-writing with Ryan Tedder on her new song “Already Gone”. Kelly thinks that it sounds too much like Beyonce’s “Halo” and she is pissed that Ryan is using a song that he wrote for someone else on her AND she is pissed that her record company released this song as a single.

In return, her record company has threaten to stop all future promotion for her new album “All I Ever Wanted”. Ryan also defended himself and expressed that he’s hurt by Kelly’s comment.

Click here to view the song

I agree that “Already Gone” does sound similar to “Halo”. But being Kelly’s #1 fan (sarcasm) here are my issues with her:

1. If Kelly is that concerned about her songs maybe she needs to start writing her own. Oh wait that's what she did for “My December” and that album tanked. It was so bad that a bunch of her tour dates got cancelled.

2. So many songs sound the same or have very similar hook because that's what we like. As long as it’s not direct plagiarism who cares, they sound good.

3. Kelly whines about men way too much in her songs and meanwhile she’s looking like this in public. No wonder she’s getting dumped. Take a lesson from Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo.

4. If Kelly was this dis-satisfied about the song, couldn't she have settled this in private before she made the music video for it?

Do you think Beyonce’s “Halo” sounds too much like Kelly’s “Already Gone”? What do you think of all this?