July 22, 2009

The Photoshop Award Goes To...

Disney's Demi Lovato pulled a Kelly Clarkson (the Photoshop guru). Here are some photos of Demi’s “Here We Go Again” album shoot.

They tell me that this is Demi, but last time I checked (which was not that long ago!) she looked like this.

I really should be nicer to Demi since rumour has it that she’s a cutter. My solution to Demi is that she needs to get uglier friends. Being BFF with the ultimate Disney jailbait Selena Gomez probably doesn’t help her self esteem and situation since Demi looks like a random annoying girl with too much teeth beside goddess Selena.

Here are some more pictures of Demi’s album shoot... The guy who wakes up beside her on a Sunday morning when she's got no make up and professional lights on is a very lucky guy.