July 25, 2009

Some Kitchen Eye Candy

I love food, pretty and cute things, and I’m a sucker for fancy dinner wares. To me, having fancy dinnerware is great for entertaining guests and as well it serves as a decoration to the dining room. So when I saw these dishes I just had to share!

Check out these peacock feathered salt and pepper shakers from CSN Store that are just gorgeous. The price is a bit steep for salt and pepper shaker but I’m already filling my head with visions of them sitting on my dining room table as an elegant yet simple center piece. Given that feathers are in for this season in the fashion world, these would also be the perfect gift for someone who loves fashion and loves to cook.

Along with those salt and pepper shakers comes with a set of peacock feather tea sets. Don’t these just ooze of Alice in Wonderland?! I love them.

They also have some entertainment centers that are decent priced and are worth a look ;)

Speaking of Alice In Wonderland, have you seen Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland coming out next spring?! It looks AMAZING and I’m in love with Johnny Depp :D