August 21, 2009

6 Things That Make Me Happy

Things has been so hectic with me since I took posession of my house so I'm still behind on comments... But I will get to them and when moving is over Blogspot will again have my full attention!

Piggy Viv Tagged me a while back on 6 things that make me happy. So I went through my pictures on my computer and came up with these:

1. Good Music
I love music. Currently I'm obsessed with this guy, Matt Nathanson, gosh he's so adorable!

One of my favourite things in life is driving with my sunroof open, windows down and hearing your favourite song on the radio.

2. Good Food
I love sushi and all seafood: shark fin soup, kind crab legs, lobsters, sea urchin, name it and I'll eat it!

One of my favourite things to snack on when I went back to Taiwan were the BBQ squid and the snails. Until I foundout that eating too many snails will cause you the runs because they carry a lot of bacteria :S

3. Good Crowd
I love my friends and family. I totally miss my sisters back on the west coast of Canada!

And I love my blogspot ladies. Honestly I spend more time reading/commenting on your blogs than talking to my own family back home!

4. Good Laugh
Gotta love those fun and silly, and of course those drunken nights.

5. Good bath on a cold night
I love coming home when it is -20 C (-4 F) outside and give myself a hot bubble bath. Yeah it gets SUPER cold here in Ottawa... Somedays it goes down to -40 C. Anyways, it's the most relaxing thing ever.

6. Good Dogs/Turbo
None of the annoying yappie ones, but the cute ones that wag their tail and just want to lick you to death! They are irresistable!

And as much as Turbo drives me crazy sometimes he's still my kid and I love him.


  1. Great pictures...looks like you have a great personality!!!

  2. love the wacky pics, heehee :) i've never tried octopus, but snail, yes. dogs also make me happy...i thought the dog in the last pic was pooping hehe.

  3. aww you are so cute!! and i love your little turbo, he can be buddies with my bunny, Roland :)

    good luck with the move in process, im sure your new house will look FABULOUS when it is complete!

  4. Turbo is sooo adorable :) And I"m with you on the non-yappy dogs... aren't they the worst? Congrats on getting the house stuff sorted and good luck with the move! Oh, and thinking of Goo Goo Dolls gets me so nostalgic. I actually saw them live once in a small club. I was front row surrounded by screeching girlies who were trying to grab lead singer's (I think his name is Jonny Reznik?) leg. Good times! ;-) Have a terrific weekend!

  5. I love that song! I love all your retro songs, they bring back all these childhood memories!
    And I agree with your list! I'm so jealous you go to visit Taiwan!! It's one of the top places I want to see.

    PS good luck with the moving stuff!

  6. High five! I love sushi and seafood esp shark fin soup hahaha

    How is Turbo now?

  7. You started moving in, eek!!! So exciting! Must post pics when you're good and settled :)
    Love your list, J. And that photo with the squid tentacles, kills me.
    Winter and a hot bath sounds good right about now...this heat is unreal.
    Happy weekend, hon! xx

  8. i love the googoo dolls. love matt nathanson. LOVEEEE good food, although i've never tried snails but i'm sure i'd be up for it if the opportunity ever arose... and good laughs, good friends... love it all!!!!!!!!!! and turbo's sucha cutie!! :)

  9. that nice pictures pop you are pretty and such a witty girl haha, those pictures only tells us that you're good and funny person :D.. i love to laugh hehe -40 north pole ?? that's super cold grrrr lol,, i want to experience that haha

    anyways have a great day. and nice layout btw!

  10. duuuuude!! i love the new loayout. its sooo cool. also, i love black balloon too. its a cool driving song too.

    congratulations getting a piece of America...oh wait Canada lol. I love furniture shopping but i have moving and packing.

    cool photos too. i love the food photos coz it reminds me of Bizarre Food on travel channel :)

  11. Shark fin soup - NOT cool.

  12. cool pictures!! And even i love a bath on a cool night.. its so romantic and refreshing:)

  13. Great facts ! :-) I love reading...


  14. good food makes me happy, too!!! heehee. congrats on the new house!! my boyfriend had the "house talk" with me. he wants to look for a house with me starting jan 2010. i'm freakin' out! time for me to grow up. hope you give a house tour on your blog! <3 Rina

  15. cute photos! i'm all about good food and good dogs too hehe :D

  16. wow you're moving in! :D Woah girl you're so busy!! Please keep us updated on how everything is going ^__^ It's so exciting to hear how things are with you - maybe because I'm so nosie, lol

  17. great post!!! good food!!!!

  18. pretty pictures :)
    awesome foood !! :)

  19. Great photos. They were all wonderful to see. I really enjoyed reading this. Congrats on the house. Good luck with everything. I wish you the best. Take care. Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers!

  20. I didn't know that you had a bunny! good luck with the moving and craziness!!!

  21. I love this post :)
    Love the pictures too!
    Have a nice weekend!xxxxx

  22. AH! you are too cute! I want to hang out with you and throw signs. hahaha

    good food good crowd good laughs good TURBO!

    Happy Weekend love!

  23. gave u an award hun ! check out my blog

  24. You look like you have lots of fun and awesome food! I love a nice hot bath too, so relaxing after a long day =P

  25. Congrats on your new home:) did a lot in 3 days.

    I love sushi, it's my all time favorite. The bbq squid looks so yummy. I want I want...hehe

    Imomoko also sell P&J Whitening Serum and they ship to Canada.

    I want to try the Kevin Beautymaker Advace Whitening Serum. I've read good reviews about his products.

    Enjoy your weekend babe!

  26. =)

    Glad things are going well for you - though it sounds like you are super busy! <3 the fun photos, and <3 Turbo!! How adorable! :D

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  28. that's a cute picture of turbo.
    i'm so with you on the good food. haven't really had much seafood or sushi while in korea, so i'm missing it a lot now XD

  29. I think life is getting too busy for blogspot! :D I'm finding myself neglecting my blog and besides, it's back to school for me :P I know how it feels to have a FRIDGE and have NO good in it! IT SUCKS!!! haha xD Anywho, can't wait to see updates on your new house :)

  30. WOW -40 degrees that is nuts! Love this post :)

  31. Visual feast darling!
    You are one lucky girl to have experienced all that & more!!! Blessings to your new place!!

  32. aw.. this was such a cute post <3
    haha.. love your seafood pics :P i've never tried snail before :) how's the texture? :)

  33. Hey there. I hope you've having a wonderful weekend. I've given you an award in my new post at my Dino Lounge blog. Cheers!

  34. Black Balloon is awesome...I was in love with the Goo Goo Dolls years ago. Your pics are great, and Turbo is adorable.

  35. this is such a nice compilation for 6 things that make you happy :)

    i love the goo goo dolls

    p.s. p.s

    i changed domain name. would you mind adding me again?

  36. Love Black Balloon. I went through quite the Goo Goo Dolls phase. It was nice hearing it again. :)

  37. nice to see lots of adorable photos:]
    keep up the cute stuff!

  38. the 6 things that make u happy are my 6 things as well :) love ur pics! fried seafood is yummy!

  39. GASP... wabbit !!!!! too cute!!

  40. haha! thanks for warning me bout eating too much snail :P
    hey did you always have this layout for your blog? :P sorry for not noticing before but it looks great :)

  41. Oh wow! Your turbo is so cute! Can you give it to me? Just kidding coz if i'm serious on that. You might kil me lol! ;D

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    Job Hunt Pinoy

  42. All the pictures makes me want to say AWWW but they're great though! OH turbo is cuteness too hehe.