August 21, 2009

6 Things That Make Me Happy

Things has been so hectic with me since I took posession of my house so I'm still behind on comments... But I will get to them and when moving is over Blogspot will again have my full attention!

Piggy Viv Tagged me a while back on 6 things that make me happy. So I went through my pictures on my computer and came up with these:

1. Good Music
I love music. Currently I'm obsessed with this guy, Matt Nathanson, gosh he's so adorable!

One of my favourite things in life is driving with my sunroof open, windows down and hearing your favourite song on the radio.

2. Good Food
I love sushi and all seafood: shark fin soup, kind crab legs, lobsters, sea urchin, name it and I'll eat it!

One of my favourite things to snack on when I went back to Taiwan were the BBQ squid and the snails. Until I foundout that eating too many snails will cause you the runs because they carry a lot of bacteria :S

3. Good Crowd
I love my friends and family. I totally miss my sisters back on the west coast of Canada!

And I love my blogspot ladies. Honestly I spend more time reading/commenting on your blogs than talking to my own family back home!

4. Good Laugh
Gotta love those fun and silly, and of course those drunken nights.

5. Good bath on a cold night
I love coming home when it is -20 C (-4 F) outside and give myself a hot bubble bath. Yeah it gets SUPER cold here in Ottawa... Somedays it goes down to -40 C. Anyways, it's the most relaxing thing ever.

6. Good Dogs/Turbo
None of the annoying yappie ones, but the cute ones that wag their tail and just want to lick you to death! They are irresistable!

And as much as Turbo drives me crazy sometimes he's still my kid and I love him.