August 26, 2009

Do Attractive Shop Girls Affect Sales?

Glamour Magazine claims that the recent study in Australia showed that women between ages 18 to 26 will less likely buy something from an attractive woman in sales.

As researcher Bianca Price says, "Retailers often think that beautiful is better. In the same way they use a celebrity to endorse a product, they hire a beautiful girl thinking that it reflects the brand and that other women will want to be like her."

Men, on the other hand, tend to lean their decision making on attractive women in sales. No survey is needed as we all know that.

My shopping spree on my Christmas vaca last year,
back when I didn't have a mortgage, *sigh*

From what I’ve seen from my guy friends, 95% of them will put up a front saying that they got “high standards” but in reality most don’t judge if they think that they will get laid.

Most guys will say things such as “Megan Fox is hot but Jessica Simpson is hideous” and then you will find them at bars buying drinks for some ugly Sarah Jessica Parker or Madonna look-alike or even worse if they think that they can get some action. So of course most will let attractive saleswoman push them around when they are being indecisive.

I will admit that sometimes if I’m trying on clothes and it happens to be the same as something that the salesperson is wearing and they look better in it, then I will less likely buy it.

But that’s no reason to hire a bunch of Rosie O’Donnells to work around the stores. Because I’m not going to buy a skin product from a girl with horrible acne, I’m not going to buy make up from someone who looks like a tranny, and I’m not going to get a haircut from a hairdresser with ugly hair. So I’m not going to buy clothes from a store if most of their salesclerks are obese uggos with a bunch of skin complexions and a unibrow. Okay that’s going to the extreme, but you know what I mean!

Do you think hiring attractive sales woman will boost, decrease, or have no impact on sales?

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