August 31, 2009

DSK's Golden Shadow Necklace

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty good, other than installing a chandelier and put up more curtains (still more to go!) I finally took some time and got some DSK photos done! And I will catch up on comments real sooooon after I get internet installed at home today!

I found this tiger print fabric in my closet from Halloween night years ago and decided to use it as wallpaper. It worked out well as the fabric reflected the light off to my skin giving a more warm feeling to it.

In the pictures I’m wearing one of DSK’s golden shadow series ("Swarovski Golden Shadow Starfish & Jet Moon") and her love potion (earrings). I LOVE IT and the black stars match perfectly with the necklace! The necklace gives off a gorgeous golden glow if you see it in person. I also wear those earrings everyday and can't wait to buy more from her!

Other than taking the DSK pictures, it was my friend S’s last day at work as she’s going back to school, so we went out and had a “few” drinks… And the next day I woke up with the pitcher glass from the bar beside my night stand. Y-e-a-h, rough night lol but it was fun.