August 24, 2009

Flat Champagne: Lauren Conrad

Doing a post on Lauren Conrad is kind of useless since I'm not sure what she's up to after dropping out of “The Hills” and her clothing line is currently “taking a break” due to the “economic climate”. Her ridiculously priced clothing line was snooze-worthy anyways so I don’t think anyone truly misses it.

Then again, I’m also pretty useless on Blogspot as of late due to the moving situation so hey two useless girls make an amazing post.

So here’s Lauren in Vegas and I’m not sure what to make of this. The dress makes her look pregnant but not really since we can see her bikini bottom. This looks too heavy to be beach wear yet too see through and stumpy to be elegant… It has potential to be a slutty outfit yet I feel no sex appeal from her at all- like flipping through the underwear section in the K-mart catalogue.

I suppose this is just a wardrobe malfunction. If this is one of her items in her collection it’d prob cost around $300- but you'd look and feel like the most expensive stumpy preggo lady on your block!

Though seeing a pretty girl in a malfunction outfit is better than packing and moving furniture. So I ain’t complaining.