August 16, 2009

Pamper Your Feet (Because It's Good For You!)

I hope that everyone is having a good weekend. I finally got around to revamping my layout which took a lot of o_0 and then >< and then -_- but it's finally at ^^ now. heh.

Other than cosmetics, I’m huge on preventative medicine. Yes, I strive to be a MILTF (“Mom I Like To F*ck”) haha. There are certain things I do everyday to maintain looking young and being healthy such as taking certain vitamins, foods and doing certain exercises. I thought that I'd share some of my perventative tips whenever I think of them.

In this blog I will share my "obsession" (as my co worker calls it) with taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work and why I love wearing flats (other than them being super comfy).

According to acupuncture, your feet is like a mini version of the rest of your body. Stimulating your feet such as performing foot massages, feet detox pads, and even just walking will make you look and feel healthier.

Your feet contain so many vessels and nerves that it’s often referred to as your “second heart”. If abnormal condition on your feet occurs, it generally creates problems also on your vertebra or blood circulation.

Impact of Wearing Heels

As much as you like those sexy 4 inch heels, give your feet a rest sometimes by wearing flats. Wearing heels cause excessive pressure on your forefoot. As a result, you put your body in an awkward position to try to “re-balance” itself. From the feet diagram above, you can see that hells causes great tension to your spine and influences your lungs and shoulder- which is not good over time.

Walk More

Hey, they do say that exercise is healthy for you! You are helping your internal organs & blood circulation each time you take a walk and parts of your feet has been stimulated. Helping your internal organs -> them functioning better longer -> your body not to “rust” faster -> you looking & feeling younger longer.

P.S I'm not really a fan of Rihanna but gosh she has a cute pup!!

Pamper Your Feet

When you’re taking a bath, give your feet a rub to reduce some tension. Or get a feet massage next time you get a pedicure. Or buy some detox pads that Thiamere talked about in her blog. Those can all lead to having healthier feet!

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  1. you gave me amazing tips dear!! And i do agree with you that her pup is so cute!!

  2. foot spas are great to visit too.

    i try to wear heels ocassionally, but i still prefer wearing sneakers all the time.
    i am a flat-footed girl so i try to find my own way to survive the fashion world. although not with shoes, but with makeups :)


  3. wow! who knew the feet was that important! thanks for the great tip

  4. Thanks for these great tips!

  5. Have you personally tried the detox pads? I've started seeing commercials for them on TV, haha. If so, have you noticed a change over time?

  6. rihanna does have a super cute dog, and i want all those shoes in that picture

  7. Great tips!! I knew wearing flats would do me good in the long run ... you just confirmed it :) haha

  8. I wear flats all the time though someone pointed out to me wearing flats in the long run was no good because usually flat ballet slipper type shoes offer no arch support (haha mine is non existant) so when you're older you'll have problems with your feet. I guess sneakers with proper insoles and arch support is the best way to go, but can you spell

  9. oO such an interesting post! thanks for the tips! ;]

  10. Great tips. I have problems with my feet because they are flat. I try to take extra care of them. I love the new look of the blog. Have a wonderful week ahead. Cheers!

  11. Yay! I totally agree.
    My ex fiance was a total jerk, and he said it's only sexy when girls wear heels. I think flats are super cute and chic for day time!

  12. love the new layout :)

    i wanna be a milf too! haha i want my sons friends talking bout how bomb i am one day hahaha

  13. Flats aren't good for your foot :( There's no arch support! Well, I guess you could always put some cushion in it but why would you go through that trouble?? haha, love the new colors! and wait... you strive to be a milf???? so does that mean you're a mother?!?!?!

  14. Interesting facts! Thanks for sharing with us.

    I'm obsess with flats, I bought 4 pairs when I went to Hong Kong last year. I agree Matthew Nathanson writes pretty romantic songs. Thanks for your recommendations:)

  15. striving to be a milf! lol you're too funny!

    i'm totally in agreement with you!!! acupuncture is so great for your body; and you can always tell what part of the body you're not balanced in or have a blocked meridian at. i love hand massages as well.

    oh i'm so glad you're into preventative medicine too!!! i think that's the most important part of healthcare. if only everyone would focus on keeping health instead of getting rid of a problem when it's too late =\ (cancer, heart disease, blocked arteries, strokes, advanced diabetes, etc..etc..). we would be such a healthier nation!! one reason why i'm a little hesitant in applying to allopathic schools.

    neway... before i take up alot of space... lol i love what you did to your background!! bla i really need help with my website it's always so plain =\.

    but yes unfortunately it's hurricane season. i think one named anna is coming. then... bill and claudette. why real names? all the ppl with the name anna or bill would be uber upset if it becomes a big storm.

    and going to vancouver was so HOT! i couldn't believe it! keep hydrated dear future milf ;)

  16. Thanks for the tips sweetie!

    I'm the same, I hate sheer e/s!!! Hmmm, I dunno about NYX's e/s... never tried them before, sorry! =(

  17. great tips!
    i hate it when i get blisters from wearing heels, do u have any tips for preventing them?!

    oh i like the brick walls bg for the layout! is red ur favorite color by any chance?! cuz i notice u use red a lot. lol

  18. Oh awesome post girl!!

    DUDE I love the new layout!! BADASS!! Yay! XO

  19. mmm i love me some foot massages, even though mine are highly ticklish! haha. and since i dont have a car, i am forced to walk everywhere...but i guess now that's a good thing :)

  20. I heard that soaking feets in hot water every night is good for health and maintains young.

  21. thanks for the tip, Rihanna's dog is sooo cute...looks like a mini poodle.

  22. Thanks for the reminder. =)

    I really need to get myself flats that have better structural support. I love flats though! I have special inserts for them so I have arch support. Heels are horrid, especially for my s-shaped back!

  23. As you all see the internal reflexes of the feet... notice the spine reflexes were found on both the inside of foot. Therefore, wearing high heels shoes affects your spine also. As a reflexologist for years, women who often wear high heels complain of back pain, that were I asked for the kind of shoes they're wearing.