August 16, 2009

Pamper Your Feet (Because It's Good For You!)

I hope that everyone is having a good weekend. I finally got around to revamping my layout which took a lot of o_0 and then >< and then -_- but it's finally at ^^ now. heh.

Other than cosmetics, I’m huge on preventative medicine. Yes, I strive to be a MILTF (“Mom I Like To F*ck”) haha. There are certain things I do everyday to maintain looking young and being healthy such as taking certain vitamins, foods and doing certain exercises. I thought that I'd share some of my perventative tips whenever I think of them.

In this blog I will share my "obsession" (as my co worker calls it) with taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work and why I love wearing flats (other than them being super comfy).

According to acupuncture, your feet is like a mini version of the rest of your body. Stimulating your feet such as performing foot massages, feet detox pads, and even just walking will make you look and feel healthier.

Your feet contain so many vessels and nerves that it’s often referred to as your “second heart”. If abnormal condition on your feet occurs, it generally creates problems also on your vertebra or blood circulation.

Impact of Wearing Heels

As much as you like those sexy 4 inch heels, give your feet a rest sometimes by wearing flats. Wearing heels cause excessive pressure on your forefoot. As a result, you put your body in an awkward position to try to “re-balance” itself. From the feet diagram above, you can see that hells causes great tension to your spine and influences your lungs and shoulder- which is not good over time.

Walk More

Hey, they do say that exercise is healthy for you! You are helping your internal organs & blood circulation each time you take a walk and parts of your feet has been stimulated. Helping your internal organs -> them functioning better longer -> your body not to “rust” faster -> you looking & feeling younger longer.

P.S I'm not really a fan of Rihanna but gosh she has a cute pup!!

Pamper Your Feet

When you’re taking a bath, give your feet a rub to reduce some tension. Or get a feet massage next time you get a pedicure. Or buy some detox pads that Thiamere talked about in her blog. Those can all lead to having healthier feet!

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