August 14, 2009

Matt Nathanson: Pop's New Love and Obsession

If you love girlie music like Jack Jackson, The Fray and John Mayer, then you HAVE to know Matt Nathanson. VH1 voted him as the “New Artist on the Rise” this year. He’s had hits on Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS, One Tree Hill, and pretty much every other popular TV show.

Though I guess you can say that he's somewhat "retro" because he had a hit on Dawson's Creek.

A few months ago I featured his newest album but I had no idea that he’s so charismatic until I saw him in concert at a small bar in Montreal a few nights ago.

He was amazing. Here’s a snippet of a video I took at the concert featuring his current hit “Car Crash”.


Matt is also a great entertainer and he has a great sense of humour. He cracked me up so many times on stage. Did I mention that he’s also cute and charming? He came out from backstage about 15 minutes after the show ended and signed autographs & took pictures with the fans. I’ve never met anyone that keen on meeting their fans!

Of course I kept my cool when I met him… Are you kidding me!? Here’s what really happened:

And yes I was wearing my DSK on my big night. hehehe.

… and he was SO NICE! It was totally worth the 2.5 hour drive to Montreal to see him in concert.

If you like some of my retro Friday picks, I ask you to give him a listen on my Mixpod on the right because you will love his songs! And also when he becomes famous like John Mayer in the next few years you can say how cool you are that you know of him BEFORE he got famous :P

Also one of my girls Ela is having a giveaway! She's giving away one of Kym's handmade print tees, so go check her out here!


  1. Aww jealously! I love him :)

    Giveaway on my blog, you should enter!

    Happy weekend!

  2. awww... i love it when i met famous people, or people who haven't yet become famous but will someday! :)

  3. wow congratulations! I'm so excited for you, and I was giddy too when I met celebs in austin! LOL xD how could you not be right? :)

  4. How awesome!!!! I remember him! haha. Where has he been? haha. Love the fray, jack johnson, etc. how lucky!

  5. awwww...the pics are so cute.
    gawsh, i've never meet anyone famous before! -__-

  6. That's such a cute photo and he's cute too. hehe. You're both matching wearing black. His writing is nice too. =)

  7. Ah! I absolutely adore Matt Nathanson. My sister introduced to his song "Come On and Get Higher" and I could not stop listening to it

  8. Awwww, that's awesome!! You look so excited haha.. :)

  9. You are too cute!!! I love how you contained your excitement in your super cute perma smile as he signed away!

    Dawson's Creek! LOL, isn't amazing how Pacey or Pasty, as I liked to call him, has cleaned up so well! Not to mention, Joey. haha

    Happy weekend, J! xx

  10. Oh, I just read your comment. That bikini would look amazing on you! For vacay of course! Anyway, if you want it, I'll hook you up ;)


    You got to meet him!! And take a SWEET PIC!!!!

    haha I saw your c-box message and had to rush over to your blog ASAP!!!

    hahaha DSK Necklace touched Matt, and I once touched that DSK Necklace, hahaha <3 it!

  12. Come On, Get Higher is just love! :) Oh so that is Matt Nathanson! I've been listening to his songs, but I never bothered to google him up. Hehe! :)

  13. aww cute photo~ im so jealous :p ♥

  14. nothing is sexier than a man who can play a guitar! haha .. you look so cute waiting for his autograph ;)

  15. OMG he's soooo cute...I sound like a teeny bopper, but really, he is FINE!

    And talented haha, that matters too!

  16. LMAO. You are so cute Julie :)

    thats pretty cool you got to meet him.

  17. That's awesome! I like his music. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Aww! That was so nice of him to meet his fans afterwards. He looks so cute, haha :-) You look like you reacted better than I did! When I met my favorite celebrity, I almost fainted. It's even on youtube, mwhaha! Sounds like I was having a orgasm, ewww!

  19. Lucky U sweetie!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  20. Oh, these pics are priceless! Especially that overly happy expression on your face. What a cutie though, no wonder you were grinning like crazy ;-) Definitely need to start checking out some of his music more...

    Have a terrific weekend by the way! :)

  21. thank you so much with your concern =). i really appreciate it. it was really hard last week, but i'm trying to keep busy so i don't think about it.

    but thank you for your sweet comments. it's such a beautiful part of the world. FL seems so hot and flat after the gorgeous mountains.

    that's so cool that you got to meet him!!! i LOVE his song!! i heard it last year and really really liked it!!

    and if you sound like a 7 year old, i probably sound like a 2 year old blabbering... words? hopefully it's understandable =P

  22. Oh that's super cool!!! Haha the captions are too funny!!! & you're very pretty girl!

  23. omg i missed so much while i was gone! you changed your layout (if i'm not mistaken). and about the facebook decline, i totally see it. haha i got freaked out when my 60 year old uncle added me and my cousins O_o

  24. LOL man this girl is giddy haha .. gosh you are so lucky girly the pictures.. you are cutie pie !!

  25. I love Matt Nathanson!! That's so awesome you got his autograph and picture.

  26. the giddy photo. Priceless picture!

  27. Not really my kind of music, but that's very cool for you. My sister would probably dig this. Hope you had a good weekend. Cheers!

  28. you look amazing dear!! He is so cute !

  29. I LOVE MATT NATHANSON!! He played a free show here on the oceanfront this summer. Of course it wasn't as personal as what you saw. There were hundreds and hundreds of people at the thing I went to. But he's great!

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