August 7, 2009

Facebook Isn't Cool Anymore

According to the recent survey, college and highschool users have declined by 20% and 15% in the last 6 months, while people over 55 years and over have sky rocked from 1 million users to almost 6 million users.

There are more 55 and over year olds today using Facebook than there are high school students using the site.

So don’t be surprised when you start seeing ads for dentures on Facebook in the next few months.

I was a bit shocked when I saw my former 55 year old supervisor trying to add me. What it comes down to is that things just aren’t cool anymore when the older crowd is also doing them.

It’s true that it’s more socially acceptable now to still be single at 32 and enjoy the club life than say 10 years ago, but a college student will not think that a party is cool there are a bunch of 35 year olds there acting young and doing "stupid young things" like chugging beer even though they may feel young on the inside.

And it’s weird when you have your parents on your facebook account! (Though my friend Nathan doesn’t seem to mind & talks to his mom on it LOL- he says it’s cheaper than calling long distance) Even with the new settings they have, they can still view the album if you get tagged in it even though the album may be private, How about the fear of your supervisor searching for incriminating photos of you on the site that someone posted a longg time ago?

What about you? What do you think about Facebook?

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  1. Missed you this week!

    LOL, it's like a match made in Heaven! I think you should be a follower for sure!

    I don't have a Facebook a/c - LOL, I figured if I lost touch with someone, there must be a reason, so I don't need to come find him/her and vice versa. Though I've heard some pretty amazing stories (a friend's family member finding a birth parent) so I think it can be used for *good* too :)

    Thanks for your sweet comments, hon. What bugs me most is that I let a stranger bring up an insecurity I thought I had surpassed over a decade ago - and sorry you have to hear it too - it's cause you're so pretty, they need something to put you down.
    Happy weekend :) xx

  2. haha I was in love with Tal's voice!!! lol And as facebook... It's true, once parents and older people get involved it seems things loose it's appeal. I mean who wants to censor the ridculous things we post on eachothers walls because ones parents are "watching?" haha NOT ME! So I say this: if my parents get facebook, I hack them and change the language settings of their account to something foreign like arabic! muahaha!

  3. I loved this song in high school, I remember listening to it because a guy I had a major crush on gave me a CD with this song on it - I just listened to it over and over like a woman obsessed! Great pick!

  4. hahaha!
    im pretty sure you have more common things than that

    i used facebook before & i was so into it but all of a sudden it just lost its touch. i guess its because of too much applications..

    it's like everytime you log in there would be a new applications that you 'have' to add..

    it's just pretty tiring...

    55yrs old supervisor,huh?
    facebook had really become so popular...

  5. You should totally stalk him.

    And dude, probably half the people on my facebook are over 40. Hahahah! I don’t even go on it that much anymore…im afraid of what the old fashioned people might say about my pictures or wall posts or whatever! Gahhh!

  6. Hello Julie (finally, I know your name after chatting for more than a month? hahaha),

    I remember the chorus to this song!!! It's sooooo retro! Thank you for reintroducing it to us hahaha

    I’ve been inspiration-less these days! I haven’t been making any jewelry at all =(

    Thank you for posting my giveaway up in your blog ^^

  7. Well facebook is still number 1 in my book, better than myspace. My parents have yet to make a facebook, I think my dad was planning on it, but I told him no. Haha.

  8. Goodness, this song brings back memories! Yeah, it definitely sounds like the two of you were meant to be - why oh why didn't you get in touch with him sooner? ;-) I'm not on FB and don't really intend to. Actually a lot of companies now seek out MySpace, FB and twitter profiles of people they are thinking of employing. It's actually a good reason not to post anything stupid of yourself online, because if it's out there, people will have a way of finding it. Anyhow, have a great weekend! Oh, and I've left you an award on my blog :)

  9. haha, no problem on shameless advertising :P I'm pretty sure everyone does that now but at least I'm not spamming it up! :) and yeah facebook is really for "mature" people because on there they actually add people they KNOW. I haven't jumped on there yet because I just don't want to stay in touch with people from high school just yet :P

  10. i fucking hate facebook! lame city! always has been, always will be!

    sorry that i am such a HATER!

  11. LOL! 50 years olds using facebook? That's interesting how the number is increasing. It creeps me out a bit bc if FB is going to turn into myspace i'm going to delete my FB acct. I still use FB and still like it in a way to keep in touch with my friends.

  12. i love my facebook! i could care less if old people use it too, i mean don't they have the same right as we do? =)

  13. you are so funny lol

    I don't have facebook, I feel left out a little!

  14. I like that song : DD I like facebook tests :DD

  15. I am afraid of Myspace and Facebook.

    Don't have em, don't want em.
    AND for some reason this really offends people! haha

  16. I remember this song! I loved it when it came out. I got bored with facebook a long time ago. I've had friends ask me to watch what I post on their walls because they have family as their friends fun.

  17. haha~ im a social freak so i love fb. everyone i know has it. i have to have some kind of networking system to keep in touch with my friends. i like to be in the know~ i don't want to miss out on a good party or a night out.. and fb means i never 'forget' my friends bdays.haha.

    i dont add randoms though(no point)and as for the elders on fb, i just choose not to add them and my profile is on private; only viewable by who i want~^^

  18. hee.. u should totally follow him! :P hahaha!

    hm.. that's pretty weird.. i wouldn't want my supervisor adding me on facebook.. haha :P wouldn't want ppl at work to know TOO much bout my personal life... that'll be weird :P

  19. what a pleasant surprise to find tal bachman and his song, "she's so high" on here. :D it's funny how i was thinking of that song while i was on my lunchbreak. lol. it's such a sweet song. :)

    lol. funny how you mentioned your 55-year-old supervisor trying to add you on facebook. i was quite shocked when my aunt and uncle (who share a profile) tried to add me as their friend. i ended up adding them back anyway. my cousins complained how come their parents did not add them. shouldn't that be a good thing for them though? lol.

    i like facebook...for now. haha... pretty much everyone is on there. plus, it's not as complicated as myspace. i'm just getting sick of these barn buddy addicts trying to get me to join their game. i have enough to do already. hahaha...

    thanks for the sweet comment you left on my son's pic. enjoy your weekend. :)

  20. Iam hardly on FB too. Hahah I donktnw what to do there!

  21. Aw I love these retro songs they bring me back to childhood afternoons at the pool with friends and family =)
    and that makes sense because all my friends' parents/grandparents are getting facebooks.

  22. Lol, sooo true about Facebook! It is getting weird, and there are a lot of old people on it. I think it is beginning to lose its touch. It needs to spice things up before we all move over to Twitter.

  23. i havnt moved on to facebook im still s myspace girl. lol

  24. Hey hon, just saw your post on my Cbox (not very good at checking it yet lol) and LOL - you and Chelsea are both way sexier than I will ever be! But I agree, I think a lot of today's female pop stars are way oversexed - it's refreshing to see someone who doesn't have her cleavage falling out all over the place (this is probably biased by the fact that I have no cleavage... but lol). But yea! I'm totally addicted to Falling Down now. Glad you're enjoying it too. =)

  25. Ah I love Tal Bachman, She's So High is such a beautiful song :)

  26. Aww..I like this song.

    Facebook is okay, I was able to reconnect with my old schoolmates. I agree, I know alot of older folks use FB.

  27. i don have a facebook account cause i find it too boring.. i really want privacy.. and "And it’s weird when you have your parents on your facebook account" you are 100% right!! i would never do that!!

  28. thanks!

    the case deco i made is for samsung behold t919.
    my sister and my mom was telling me the same thing today too that i should just sell the one i just made and see if people are willing to buy it or not and start a business with it. but i dont want to sell this one since its my first creation. lol

  29. I hate to talk about older people because I'm almost 40. lol I actually just joined Facebook over the last month or so. Hope you have had a great weekend. Cheers!

  30. its funny that u mention that a lot of older people are using facebook cus its true! ive seen a lot of my friends who have their parents on it... to me its kinda weird... but whatever! ;p

  31. Duuuudee i totally agree with you. Back then facebook was called "the facebook" lol. Its main purpose for me was to create events, fund raisers, parties, finding cheaper books for your classes and ofcourse stay in touch with your colleagues.

    Now everyone has it. My mom has it and a bunch of my aunts and uncles...weird!! I have one but its super private lol.

    Oh and nyx eye shadows are pretty good for its cheap price. their single eye shadows are better than their trios. I feel like the singles have better quality. Also, i like how they have a bunch of colors to choose from. but i have to warn you, they are a bit powdery but i got over it already lol.

    i recommend you get Mermaid Green, Atlantic and Sahara (which is a crazy dupe for Mac's Rice paper)

    wow this is long lol.

  32. wow im pretty shock with the stats with FB!!

    well technically there are 2 asians in LP, a korean dude whose the DJ and the american japanese who is Mike Shinoda.... chester is the blonde white dude :P

  33. OMG THIS SONG! lol

    Ughh Facebook...sometimes I ignore it for weeks, it's a good way to keep in touch I guess, but I also think that my "real" friends know how to get ahold of me other than my FB WALL. haha. I spend tooo much time taking those damn quizzes. Jesus thinks I'm a twat was an answer I got


  34. I love facebook. And i think it's just ok to have older people there. I mean at least we can catch u some good things bout their experiences in life. =D Have fun!=D

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  35. I still use Facebook regularly. It's probably my most visited site - yes, even above Blogger! I've actually been neglecting Blogger lately. Boo. :( I miss reading your blogs! I need to come out of hiding lol.

    I did just post a video though. :)