September 21, 2009

Are You Naughty Or Nice?

Hello loves! So lately I've been working on something pretty cool and now it's finally time to reveil it!

I introduce you to GS&P's "Naughty Or Nice"! You can surf the whole net and only find these on Glam, Sparkle and Pop as I made these myself- they even have GS&P's logo on it!

So if you like them, go check out Glam, Sparkle and Pop!

A while back I won Steph's Giveaway and I finally received the prizes this weekend! She is SOO KIND and she wrote me such a nice letter with the gifts!

I'm truly greatful for having such great blog ladies in my life. It makes me want to return the favour and host a giveaway to give something back to all you great bloggers. So stay tuned for that! :)