September 14, 2009

Kayne West is VERY apologetic to Taylor Swift (NOT!)

We all know that that Kayne West writes GREAT songs, but he is an douchebag.

Earlier today he apologized to Taylor Swift about ruining her VMA moment last night by grabbing the mic during her acceptance speech for winning the Best Female Video saying "I'm sorry, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time"

This morning, on his blog he wrote

bla bla bla. It doesn't matter since TMZ reported that his apologic speech has since been taken down from his blog. Because that's how sincere he is. I'm pretty sure that when he said "Cheerleader and she's in the bleachers" he googled those lyrics anyways.

Kudos Beyonce. What a classy lady! Love it.

Even though what Kayne did to Taylor left her crying in the backstage after, this is probably one of the best things that has happened to Taylor's career. Can you say great publicity for her?!

In Kayne's defence he did spent some time talking about someone else other than how great he is- and this does not happen very often. I love Taylor and all but "Love Story" and "White Horse" are much better songs than the cheerleading one anyways :)


  1. LMFAO! OMG! I can't get over that!
    I mean I was shocked as well that she won that award, but I nearly died when I realized what happened.

    That apology was so half ass! smh.
    Back to being known as "Douchey Kanye."

  2. that was so rude, wasn't it!kayne is just being his bubblegum self. and not related, but his girlfriend looked scary at the awards!

  3. I can't believe him. He's lost my respect. I want to punch him in the face. If she won SHE WON and running up there to take the mic won't change who won. Let the girl have her moment and leave whatever you have to say to your blog KANYE!!! BOOOOOOOO KANYE!!!!

  4. i so wasnt even shocked when kanye tried to pull something like that. what else is new for this guy? he always does sh*t like that.

    as for beyonce i thought it was very classy and nice of her to share the moment with taylor.

  5. ugh . made me so angry when i was watching the clip on youtube !!! & as for beyonce, i thought she became too diva-ish after destinys child, but it made me look at her in complete diff light .

    i think taylor swift represents herself in very likable way . i read one of her interviews from a mag and she answered all the questions with such girls' girl answers ! not to mention, her video she won the award for WAS really good !

  6. LOOL... is the ALL CAPS necessary?! KANYE WEST IS A FCKING DOUCHE. He's getting on my nerves he really needs to shut the eff up. I admire beyonce for doin that, I think she's a big diva but a very likable one.

  7. poor girl! i felt so bad for her when that happened, she didn't even get to finish her speech!! i mean seriously..if kanye ever wins an award i hope someone does that to him.... see how cool he'd be with that!

  8. That was the rudest thing anyone could have ever done. Taylor so sweetly handed Kanye the microphone and then when he said that awful thing, she looked like he shot her. It just broke my heart. :(
    And yeah, that apology is bull in my opinion. That off-hand comment about liking her song about cheerleaders/bleachers was another under-handed slap in the face.
    I wish MTV had kicked him out of the show.

  9. Poor Taylor! Can we say awkward?? Ugh...I used to like him a lot...and also Chris Brown too...but character means a lot to me! Total jerks! I'm glad Beyonce did what she did. Kudos to both ladies!

  10. ehhh?? thats nuuuuuuts beyonce rocks hehe

  11. Yeah! Kanye West = Douchebag, and I don't think his songs are any greater than any other wrapper. I mean seriously, when was the last time this guy had a hit single? Gold Digger?
    Love Story was definitely wayyy better, but You Belong With Me definitely got a lot more coverage when i came to the Pop crossover.

  12. Go Beyonce! it was very nice of her to give Taylor a chance for her speech. And Kanye is just a fucked up... no matter Taylor deserve the award or not she deserve to have her moment!

  13. i felt sad for her watching it...but was very glad that beyonce made up for it. She's a girl for crying out loud! kanye is so......messed up. i'd cry if i was taylor too.

  14. I still can't believe he did that! Poor Taylor!

  15. wow i didnt know !
    that hurts a lot !
    OMG !
    but yeah,great publicity too !

  16. lolol this was all so fake to me, and a big publicity stunt YES. i never liked taylor and y'all can hate me but kayne is the best connection for gaining press! so really, it was a win/win for them both, since any press is better than no press! :)

  17. it was crazy....kanye totally shot himself in the foot!

  18. Yeah I actually wished I watched the vmas yesterday now lol.
    I like her songs but Taylor Swift just sounds as if she's saying the words instead of actually singing them lol

  19. What an awkward moment!!!

    Their fault for being so inefficient! They should have gifted you with the $200 giftcard earlier.

  20. Lolol so many people are posting about this xD The man makes great music... but he's such a cocky S.O.B -__-;;

  21. dang that was rude... poor taylor swift :'(
    beyonce was nice to do that..

    (oh.. vid was deleted due to copyright or sth... boo)

  22. That sad excuse of an apology is such a waste of time. How sorry could he possibly be when he's still excusing what he did - all while under the pretense of "being real". He's a real piece That's about it. So glad Beyonce made it up to the poor girl.

  23. sucks. i cant see the video of beyonce. they deleted the video :( my friends just told me about it. Seriously, F*ck him. Im sooo over kanye.

  24. I saw the video on internet. And i feel so bad for Taylor. But at least Kayne says sorry for what he'd done. =D

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    Brown Mestizo

  25. Hi there! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Btw, i just watch this video a while ago. And i was shock by what Kayne just did. He's a jerk, but i love what Beyonce did. She ask Taylor to come out and continue her moment. ;D I love you Beyonce. ;D

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  26. i don't normally post videos on my blog, but i just had to share this one. kanye has seriously got to stop thinking like he owns the world. he's totally far from it, and i'm sure he will get farther because of his totally disgusting character. the horror...


  27. A lot of people actually think this whole thing was staged, but it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't, considering it's Kanye we're talking about (and in all honesty, there are better things to stage... he could have rushed on stage and kissed her feet or something). I don't like her music, but I still feel bad for her. And what kind of half-assed apology was that anyway?

    Oh, and they've actually taken both those youtube videos down now.. haha.

    Anyway, hope you had a fab weekend!

  28. My mom and sis were furious at him. They love Taylor. They didn't like Kanye before. This just sealed it for them. He is a jerk. I'm surprised his rant was about somebody besides himself.

  29. Kanye's so full of himself. I was listening to one radio station yesterday where they have a segment called Team Kanye vs Team Taylor. Gosh, can't believe some people even sided with the douche bag called Kanye. What with all the money and fame he has, he should have at least some class and respect!

  30. you think he wrote that on his blog or someone else? ^.^

  31. i don think he wrote that on his blog!! he must be out of his goddamn mind!!

    And i have some problem when i comment in GS&P!

  32. i feel like im the only one that missed the vmas and that whole drama :( BUT i do agree that this is great publicity for tswift... well said :)

    and julie i did receive my package! i even posted about it here:
    hehe :) i really luv em so thankss <33

  33. I didn't like kayne or taylor that much anyway, but he's such a baby! feeling "fake" sorry for it, makes it even worse haha...
    and yay for beyonce!


  34. what kayne did was really rude, when i saw that part i was like wtf! i'm not a big fan of both but seriously he's not the judge, just because he think beyonce have better video doesnt mean he has the right to go to the stage and doing such rude thing.
    and yes i do agree he's apology is so FAKE!

    &what beyonce did was really really nice! gotta love her for that! lol

  35. Kanye is such an ASSHOLE! I bet he's at home googling his name right now trying to see if everyone's still talking about him :P haha, I bet he's SUPER happy! And he's such a douche.

  36. First off, I love BEYONCE! She is so fine & hot! She's been in the game so winning the award is nothing new to her. Taylor is such a sweet girl, and I agree with you that this is probably the best thing for her publicity! And 2nd, Kanye is a jerk but I have to admit that I love his music :(

  37. Kanye is an assface, I have no patience for people with huge egos and rude behavior. I mean really? He couldn't let the girl just have her moment? Regardless of their opinions about Taylor, there are much better (classy) ways to handle it than running up on stage like the brainless douche he is.

  38. He is a douchebag! Negative publicity for him.

  39. why would he do that?? 0.o" but some celebs have knacks for doing something that really make me wonder to no end ^^"
    ah, beyonce, so pretty and sexy!!

  40. oh,by the by, have you finally done arranging your house?? :D would you be so kind to show it in your blog?? i want to see your chandelier lolz XD

  41. Poor Taylor. I totally saw this and when I also saw Beyonce's horrified look when she witnessed what happened (it's so sincere and so cute hehe). I like like Beyonce, you are right she is one classy and nice lady ^_^

  42. i really admire beyonce for what she did! =)

  43. He was drunk most likely. I do like some of his songs, but not really Kayne that much. Now I like him even less.

  44. you were just in toronto ? i didnt know you lived near here !

    did you end up grabbing more stuff at ? share what you got with us !!

  45. Heellooo!! I'm back! Hahah well kinda. I've been way too lazy to post lately, but I'll try to post more. I missed you! Did you get through the whole series of Buffy yet? haha

    ANYWAYS -- yes, Kanye is a freakin' d-bag. I seriously couldn't believe my eyes when he took that mic away from Taylor. Ugh! Get over yourself, Kanye!!

  46. effing kanye. gee... that was rude and he sure made himself look like a bully. how can he do that to a young girl with so much talent?

    kudos to taylor swift for winning the award and keeping her composure while kanye made a big ass of himself. kudos also to beyonce for being a sweetheart by letting taylor finish her speech. :)

    until now, my brother and i still can't stop talking sh** about kanye. lol.

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