September 2, 2009

Lindsey Lohan considering Playboy

Taking naked pictures of yourself is the new anklet trend. Rehab is not cool anymore, but leaking your naked pictures are cool- Or get them done on Playboy and brag to everyone about your photoshopped perfect body.

Since Lindsey Lohan was reported going broke and at the end of her fame, she is now considering doing Playboy. According to Hollywood Scoop:

"Australian tabloid The Day claims the mag initially offered Lilo half a million to pose nude, but she turned it down.But Playboy has reportedly upped the ante to $900K, and we hear she's considering it! Sources say, "Playboy has been asking her for years, but it's only now she's excited about doing it."

This might be the best thing that comes in Lindsey’s way, since $900K can get her about 6 months of being high and cracked out… on life of course!

And with Playboy’s photoshopping skills, they can make her skin look touchable rather than looking like you can play connect-the-dots and find the missing cartoon animal on it.


  1. Wow Lindsay really needs to stop..

  2. Funny photos from Lindsay!



  3. Did you see Lindsay in Project Runway? I was really surprised that they asked her to be a guest judge (for the first episode only so don't worry hahaa)

    Pretty bows!

  4. Someone, please. Help her.

    I hate the Brick. They stink. I hope it works out for you...I think they'll come through eventually. My cousin's couch did.

    I love that you don't waste any time. You're so creative.

  5. I wish she would just go away. I don't want to see her ever again.

  6. THIS IS SOOOOOO CUTEEEEE!!! not the linsday thing hahahaha the bows i ment!!! hhehehe very cute!

  7. what i dont get is she cant even act and shes busted.. so why is everyone to fascinated with her? its like watching a train wreck.

    cute bows!!

  8. it's such a known pattern of stars getting desperate and posing for play boy! Lindsey should of stuck with her "good girl" "teeny bopper" persona.. who's next on the wagon? miley cyrus maybe!

    those bows are adorable... i need me some!

  9. Awww- those bows are SO cute.

    P.S. Lindsay is an idiot.

  10. lindsey would've looked nice back when she had a healthy body. ah, well. some guys will pay to see anyone naked. cute bows. you really know how to utilize your time. <3 Rina

  11. ooo love the new bows, too cute! and lindsey needs to realize that her 15mins of fame are long gone, and all that smoking made her age about 20years faster! wompwomp...

  12. Lindsay is just dumb, and she can't even act. but oh well, whatever floats her boat...
    those bows are cute ^^

  13. come by, I tagged you in a blog tag.

  14. i used to really like Lindsay but now I just wish she'd go away...far far away, like Iceland. Even though the people of Iceland did nothing to deserve such pox on them.

  15. she use to be cool though but now she's been doing to many crazy things...
    &.cute bows btw!

  16. GS&P is 100% pawmade :) how cute! But I know you don't have paws :P and man.. I'm gonna have to check out these photos with my boyfriend LOL! It's like our tradition to google celeb photo leaks xD

  17. your bows are so cute!!!

    not surprised about the was only a matter of time!

  18. what!? wow. never heard about her possibly being broke, just the part about her gf drama

  19. Lohan needs to GO AWAY. I can't deal with her. She makes me sooo mad.

    BUT on a happier note, you are so freaking talented and I never want you to go away! haha

  20. haha i dont lohan can surprise me anymore now a days!!

  21. yeah but she told me,they ( she was referring to custom) would scan every item and my package might be returned,and i was like,okay....
    its ot fun at all,we are being treated like a 3rd grader,the way they taught us,seriously...huhuuu.lolll

    hey i dunno if its just me but i cant leave comment ins ur glam,sparkle and pop
    u know when the verification box appears,like im gonna have to scroll down to type the words, but it wont
    is it just me?

  22. I can't believe LiLo is still around.. she's a trainwreck and I can't stand her. OMG, I love the new bows!!! If I only knew u gona make them, I would've waited for it! But its pretty, you're really creative!

  23. The bows are adorableee.
    And ew Lindsay Lohan, way to completely waste your acting talents.

    PS I didn't make the corkboard! My friend actually did for my birthday =)

  24. You're hilarious. And yeah, Lilo is gross and would require lots of photoshopping. Bleh.

    I love those bows. So pretty!!

  25. haha.. that's a funny pic of her :P
    hm... playboy? i duno... :P doesn't sound too intriguing :P

    these new bows are cute :)i like the hearts in the middle! <3

  26. Lindsay really needs HELP!

    Your new bows are very cute:]

  27. Lindsay is a hot mess! I wish I could get 900K to have pics taken of my ample booty...

  28. Funny photo. lol ;D And those bows are awesome! Love them especially the blue dotted and the green one. ;D
    Btw, thanks for the comment. ;D

    Stories from a Teenage Mom
    Mom On the Run

  29. I think Lohan needs to find her self again

  30. You're so right, her skin is gross! She looks so used haha

  31. love the bows. I'm in the same situation, I'm waiting for a package too

  32. she looks like an old granny with a messup body&face to me now..

  33. Love Lindsay Lohan. Those bows are so cute. =D

    A Writers Den
    Brown Mestizo

  34. I can't stand her- she is such a cracked out whore!

  35. im surprised she hasnt done it yet! i thought she would totally go for it!

    p.s love your blog! its hard to find a blog with celebrity gossip in a relaxed setting! great read =)

  36. lol the thing about her skin totally cracked me up!

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