September 2, 2009

Lindsey Lohan considering Playboy

Taking naked pictures of yourself is the new anklet trend. Rehab is not cool anymore, but leaking your naked pictures are cool- Or get them done on Playboy and brag to everyone about your photoshopped perfect body.

Since Lindsey Lohan was reported going broke and at the end of her fame, she is now considering doing Playboy. According to Hollywood Scoop:

"Australian tabloid The Day claims the mag initially offered Lilo half a million to pose nude, but she turned it down.But Playboy has reportedly upped the ante to $900K, and we hear she's considering it! Sources say, "Playboy has been asking her for years, but it's only now she's excited about doing it."

This might be the best thing that comes in Lindsey’s way, since $900K can get her about 6 months of being high and cracked out… on life of course!

And with Playboy’s photoshopping skills, they can make her skin look touchable rather than looking like you can play connect-the-dots and find the missing cartoon animal on it.