September 27, 2009

Mischa's "The Beautiful Life" Got Canned

It seems that Mischa Barton's "The Beautiful Life" TV series didn't make her anymore relevant nor was it beautiful as it got canned by CW after the 2nd episode.

This Ashton Kutcher made show was apparently put together by Ashton's previous modeling experience and it sucked so much that it got cancelled after showing the second episode. The show got 1.5 million viewers on the first episode and dropped to 1 million viewers by the second episode.

New York Time reports that this past Friday while they were filming the 7th episode, CW gave them the pink slip, and told them to pack their bags and GTFO.

Looks like Mischa is out of a job again, so back to rehab and mental breakdown she goes. The ugly Simpson sister (Ashlee Simpson) will be taking Mischa's time slot with reruns of "Melrose Place".

If Mischa really wants her OC fame back again then she should leak some naked photos or do a sex tape. That seems to work for everyone other b*tch in Hollywood. Or if you're really fug like Khloe Kardashian where you can't use sex to sell, then just fake a wedding.