September 6, 2009

Tila Tequila was choked

Hope everyone is having a great Labour Day weekend and thanks for all your comments below! The furniture place says that I will get my bed in the coming Saturday, so I got my fingers crossed!

According to TMZ, the linebacker for San Diego Chargers Shawne Merriman was arrested this morning for choking and restraining Tila Tequila at his home. Hours before the fight, the two was seen happily in a nigh club where Tila was grinding on Shawne’s lap.

Shawne has been arrested and Tila has been released from the hospital since. (Isn't she dating Ray J? )

Now I read Tila Tequila’s Book “Hooking Up With Tila Tequila” (it was a gift! Lol) and I know that she grew up with lots of violence and she’s not picky with guys as long as they got the dough. I guess old habits die hard.

So the lesson is, if you’re someone who sleeps around (as Tila admitted that she did in her book) then eventually you will pick up a woman beating psychopath. It’s just basic stats.


  1. oh those bracelets are so cute!!

    People are scary these days, Tila's lucky she's still alive. Did you hear the store about the guy who was on Megan wants a Millionaire who supposedly killed himself after his playboy wife was discovered chopped up in a suitcase... ahhh crazy crazy people x__X

    glad everything is falling into places for you! :)

  2. @anynaree O_O chopped up in a suitcase sounds so disturbing&disgusting&wrong
    i like some of tila's songs though :)

    cute bracelets :)

  3. Hey, I missed reading your posts! Wow, you have a new layout, lol. I love it, looks really nice.

    Nice bracelets!

  4. LOL at "if you’re someone who sleeps around then eventually you will pick up a woman beating psychopath" i think that's sooo true! oooh bracelets?? girl u are too talented!

  5. WOW, Tila, what an idiot. Have some self-respect!

    And those bracelets are ADORABLE!!

  6. Oh man, this is quiet funny! I wonder why he choked her. Man she needs to be careful because shes soo tiny. Tila is a bi sexual right?

    When I get my paycheck. i will visit your GS&P store :)

  7. Chris Brown numba 2. I don't know, but once my man hits me, I'm hitting the road no matter how much I love him (I hope he won't ever. but I trust my man ;]) Hahaha regarding the concealer hand tip. It's kinda common sense you know... your hand is not ur face.. so why test it there. I hate it when SA test it on my hand and I give them a "are you sure?" look cuz my hands are waaay lighter than my face. HAHA. Giiiirrrllll..... you comin up with these cute stuff lately uugghhhh if I knew!!! lol.. those are pretty Julie! I really feel like buying soon!

  8. lol!! I love your title, tila gets choked + bracelets haha so funny

  9. Oh god! People in our time now was a bit scary indeed! And all we can do was to be careful.

    Btw, those bracelet are so lovely. ;D

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    Mom On the Run

  10. ha ha ha:) your celebs posts are gr8!! i enjoy them ....

    And the bracelets are cute!!

  11. Haha! :-)

    That bracelets are cool!


  12. wow i love ur bracelet hun !
    yesterday i saw picts of tila tequila and i show it to my friend and we couldnt stop thinking,is she pretty??not at all.why she is so famous??hehehhe
    ummm post your etsy haul !heheh
    i just noticed u never post your hauls,yeah?heheheh

  13. So the lesson is, if you’re someone who sleeps around (as Tila admitted that she did in her book) then eventually you will pick up a woman beating psychopath. It’s just basic stats.

    LOL!!! It was my turn to choke but on water hahaa

    Ahhh, when your furniture comes in and everything, I would love to see pics of your new place! Please? =D

  14. Ah the quote is very true. ahaha

  15. i didnt even know she was dating him... i actually heard of the news that he slapped and "restrained" his gf but had no idea it was tila. i thought she was still trying to be lesbo. lol. =p

  16. Oh my. Tila got choked?!

    Your bracelets are so adorable!

  17. She's such an airheaded $lut, but getting hit by a linebacker sounds scary!
    lol, i know , eggs would really come in handy in situations like that ;)
    i hope you're being able to manage without the furniture. don't get too stressed out okay hun.

  18. I'm no Tila fan, but I'm glad it wasn't any worse than this. Hopefully she leaves him stat!

  19. crazy stuff.. he on steroids or sth? :P but then gen, tila could have been irritating.. haha :P that sux.. :P

    on a brighter note, nice! u make bracelets too! <3 so talented! <3
    love how you packaged them <3

  20. She sounds like an aunt I had. It was bound to happen soon or later to her. Glad it wasn't too serious.

  21. Lovely bracelets. And thanks for sharing, there are getting more and more of those crazy people, so better be careful.

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    Brown Mestizo

  22. why he choke her? LOL. I dont understand how the hell she gets so popular.. & shes pretty? I don't think so. She really looks and a old granny to me. seriously. if you really look at her.. her face look trash. no offense to those to like her. just my opinion.

  23. I love the bracelets!
    Ugh, and it makes me so sad that women out there still put themselves in such horrible situations, when we've seen the consequences a million times. Don't go home with strangers!!

  24. dude if I ever drown, I hope tila's there with her flotation device! LOL.. I think she likes to be rough with her guys but maybe she over provoked one? oh well, but I love your bracelets! I'll have to pass at the moment because my wallet is crying T_T hahaha

  25. Hey Pop.. winter is just cold in my place, it never snows.. and its never freezing! so its kinda romantic here... :)

  26. "It's just basic stats" hahahaha!! SO TRUE. Do the math people!!

    Love your bracelets! XO

  27. Whoooa...that's horrible.

    Haha yeah, gotta love the BB! Blogger should make their site more BB user-friendly. :P

  28. awards waiting for you on my blog hun ^^

  29. I thought she was engaged to some guy, but maybe I got confused...

    Love the new bracelets!

  30. i love the bracelts! and i totally agree with what you say about sleeping around!

  31. She seems like a girl who's looking for trouble... if it's from the bad childhood, sorry for her.

    your necklaces are so cute!

  32. Those bracelets are gorgeous!
    I would love to have loads of them so I could stack them up on my arm haha
    Love this post!
    Beth xx

  33. ewww tila is a hoe and shes not even good looking (at least to me, because apparently all bimbo boys think she rocks their cocks...ooops pardon my french!) oh what myspace can do for your reputation. haha good thing mine is long gone :)

  34. Sorry I've not visited your blog for what seems like ages! Just caught up with all your posts... can't say I've ever been impressed with Tila. I actually watched that lame-ass dating show of hers back when... ugh. I'm still not quite sure how she ever got that famous? Anyhow, not surprised by any of this. It's probably all a big media stunt anyway...

    Hope your furniture hassle ends up well soon!