October 23, 2009

Ashlee Simpson is out of a job, again

Ashlee Simpson may have got a nose job and got slightly hotter but not enough to keep her on Melrose Place. Ashlee has been given the pink slip from Melrose place after 12 episodes.

According to MTV UK, the producer Todd Slavkin says that they’ve planned to end Ashlee’s and Colin Egglesfield’s character all along.

"We always knew that this murder mystery (involving Ash's character Violet) would end in episode 12. And we always knew that Violet would be instrumental in that as a suspect...

"We felt that once the murder mystery was resolved, the tone of the show was going to shift into a much more fun, romantic, sexy upbeat kind of show, and [Ashlee's] character would move on."

But if Ashlee was only going to be a temp on the show this entire time, then why did she do so much promotion for the show and participated in all the show’s cast photos from the start?

It’s okay, a new door of opportunity awakes for Ashlee. This new door will consist of Ashlee and Mischa Barton being jobless and hanging out together as well as Ashlee trying to fish her music career out of the toilet.


Also, if you have been following Pop Champagne for a while, you will know that I have an obsession with hottie David Boreanaz ("Angel" from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and "Detective Booth" from Bones) mmm hmm! Well apparaently according to Star Mag he's been sleeping with this girl who is not his wife

So turns out that Angel is not an Angel. But hey Angel, I don't judge. If you are reading this feel free to leave me a message and we can hang out at my place and play some scrabble, call me.


  1. I haven't seen a single episode of Melrose place. I hardly ever watch tv. I wonder what she is going to purse next.

    Bad Angel!

  2. something about ashlee simpson annoys me more than her sister but i cant really put a finger on it. regardless, sucks to be her right now. did u hear about how when her baby was born, no one wanted to pay money to publish the pictures? how sad.

  3. Melrose Place isn't going to last anyways, so I wouldn't care. lol Nothing is better than the original.

  4. I have not seen the new MP. Is it any good? I think Ashlee was actually the main reason I stayed away from the show. Not a fan of hers at all. I'm just wondering how much longer Ashlee and her sister are going to stay in the spotlight until they completely fade away...hmmm...hopefully soon.
    Too bad about David. Are any Hollywood hunks faithful these days? Sigh...

  5. uggh men! lol

    and yeah i think ashlee got less popular in a way after she did her nose job, she was more unique and fun before! she made herself look more generic after the face change, but i guess in return she snagged a husband..so i guess it wasn't all a loss cause!

  6. Awww.. Sucks, for Ashlee.. I don't even watch Melrose anyway.. I don't think that show or 90210 top the original..

  7. Hmmm, I don't think Ashlee will be hurtin' for money anytime soon....pretty sure she'll be offered another gig soon. I actually never watched the old or new Melrose place so I'm not even sure if she acts well!
    It never surprises me whenever I hear people cheating on each other in Hollywood. It surprises me if I knew they were monogamous couples actually. But I do pity some of the stars and how all their dirty laundry gets thrown out in public and sells....

  8. Silly Ashlee. Pete Wentz is about the only thing she has going for her now.

    humor me :)

  9. Yikes so hard to stay faithful in Hollywood I guess when you are constantly bombarded with hotties and groupies. Ew Ashlee is a has-been. How long do you bet before we see her on Dancing with the Stars?

  10. LOL, only you can make scrabble sound dirty! You are too funny - and cute!
    Poor Ashley...I haven't seen the show yet - is it any good?
    Hope you had an amazing week, hon. I missed you and your blog. Have a great weekend, love! xx

  11. UGH words cannot describe how much I dislike her -___-;; I nearly cried when her and Pete got together, and even worse, had a kid ;A; I do think she got slightly hotter, but she still is the ugly Simpson sister. Boo on her.

  12. Your blog is looking fabulous, darling!
    I am sad about Ashlee ~ I thought she was quite an alluring character on Melrose!


  13. oh good! I really like Ashlee, but she is sadly not very good on the show!

  14. hey julie!! i received your goodies today thank you soooo soo much! i love them =] i will post a blog about it soon ;]

    sad for ashlee! lol but then again i never knew that she was in melrose place nor have i watched any of the episodes! lol! interesting.

  15. Angel, tsk tsk tsk!!!
    And poor Ashlee Simpson- I'm sure she'll think of something for a bit more publicity sooner or later!

  16. Celeb Gossip!! I haven't been too updated about Ashlee Simpson's life..=/ But I'm thinking that she didn't expect her character to end at Ep. 12 so she did all those promos.

    And yikes, poor Angel. Why is that most celebs never have a one-time only steady marriage???

  17. I guess Ashlee and Mischa will be on the unemployment line together. If her job was such a temp one, then why did they cast someone like her and not just an unknown. This show sounds like it's in so much trouble.

  18. Angel is SMOKIN' hot! :D I love watching Bones xD *such a nerd* I think celebs should just not get married at all. It's too much of a hassle lol, because they KNOW they're not going to be with that one person forever since they're FAMOUS and all the people want to sex them :P

    As for Ashlee Simpson, I think maybe she was trying to get them to write a different story line and possibly keep her character on there? That could be the only possible explanation because I'm sure she's not totally dumb now that her hair isn't blonde. (hope her hair is still dark with me saying that! LOL)

    And btw, I got your package today :D And within the first five minutes... all of your candy was gone! LOL XD

  19. i haven't watched any melrose episodes in its entirety but from what I saw, Ashlee was horrible on it!

  20. hahha.. i think she looks hotter than before but it's all fake so she's blah :P
    haha! "sleeping with this girl who is not his wife..." :P you're so funny :P

  21. Omigod, I used to watch the ashlee simpson reality show. hahahaha. I even ran to target to buy her first CD (wait, did she even come out with another one? heehee) when it first came out. hahahaha. i'm such a teeny bopper!!! ewwww!!!!! hahahahaha!!!!

  22. ha ha :) you are a comedy star! I don't think there is anyone who can think like you .. and i like this line "Ashlee trying to fish her music career out of the toilet".. he he he:) i can't stop laughing at your post.. :P

  23. Oh wow I didnt even know she was on MP!

  24. I don't watch melrose place... but I can imagine ashley is no good actor...

    and oh David, you can call me too btw!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  25. i thought ashlee disappeared. it surprised me she's on the new MP. and now, she's going to disappear again? good luck to her...err...fishing out of the toilet. lol. although "pieces of me" is a nice song. hehe...

  26. scrabble?ummmm i dont believe u

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  28. hahaha it seems like he doesnt care in the picture lol.

    damn that sucks for ashlee. I dont really like her but I like her Pieces of me Song especially when it first came out ha!

  29. I've never liked Ashlee, but sucks for her. Since MP debuted on TV, I've never watched a single ep, haha. Same thing with 90210, lol.

    Bad Angel, bad!

    Oh, and I have two awards waiting for you hun.<3

  30. Hmmm, one naughty angel huh? =P Don't we just love bad boys?

  31. Oh is she going to be not seen in the show? I think there are still shows there for her. Still, i wish her luck. ;D

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  32. I haven't seen a single episode of this, but I'm wary about any remakes of shows I used to watch. I had no idea Ashlee still had a career! And I only realized last week that Misha's sucky show was cancelled. I actually watched an episode of it and it was a really painful experience. I don't even know how anyone would have let 2 episodes of this crap air.

    Mr. Boreanaz can do no wrong by the way. The guy's immortal... he's allowed to have some fun ;-)