October 26, 2009

Color Tag: For the Love of Orange

Last week Kay tagged me in a color tag. If you haven't checked out her blog do check it out because she's great! Kay assigned the color orange and I had to find 7 orange things around my house, so here it is

1. My one and only orange shirt. Usually I don't find that orange looks good on me - except this neon orange tank that I tried on for fun and it worked out.

2. My Totoro Neko Bus keychain. I'm a huge fan of Totoro. Especially the cat bus.

3. Bio Oil. I used up most of it but it is/was orange. Does it actually work on scars and stretch marks? Not for me even after using the whole bottle :(

4. Some of my CDs that have orange covers- Vertical Horizon and Goo Goo Dolls. I'm one of those people that still buy and collect CDs. Btw the Vertical Horizon album below is one of my favs.

5. Carrots for Turbo. Carrots make him chew in hopes that he will stop chewing up my baseboard, dining set and electrical cords. But like a bad kid, he seems to like to do/chew on things that he's not suppose to anyways. Don't be deceived by his cute and fluffy looks!

6. My Costco pudding. This stuff is yummy. It's my alternative when I'm tired of eating yogurt for break fest.

7. Of course my giant Nemo! Now that I think about it, Nemo has made quite a few cameo on my posts!

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