October 6, 2009

Fake MAC Make Up

So I was online searching for a train case to put my make up in and I came across a seller who is selling cheap MAC in Ottawa. The seller is selling single eye shadows for $10, lipstick for $7 and eye shadow palette for $25. At first I thought “wow!” but after looking at the picture I realize that they are ALL FAKE and the seller is claiming that it is MAC!

A few fellow bloggers have blogged about fake cosmetics but I was appalled when I saw this ad in my region! (Ottawa is not exactly a big or trendy city). If someone goes and carries a fake LV purse, okay fine (unless they act like it’s real and clearly it’s not, then they're just an noob), but fake makeup!?

The reason I’m so against fake make up is that:
- You don’t know what chemical they put in them, for all you know it could be rat poison
- Then what if the cheap material causes you to break out or it causes the rash?
- Who knows about the pigmentation and the color quality?

The make up goes on your face! A fake purse won’t hurt you, but you don’t want to get a rash or scar there from bad make up. I went online to gather some tips about fake MACs:

- MAC eye shadow never comes with a sponge tip and a mirror. The eye shadows never come in 2 compartments like Studio Fix.

- MAC colors all have names, you’re not going to find a “Mac Lipstick shade 1, Mac Pink Lipstick shade 2”. And also, MAC logos on lipglass is black.

- If the price sounds too good then it’s probably too good to be true. Don’t believe it when they say “Exclusive from Japan” or “Limited Edition from Brazil” to justify the abnormal looking package.

- Most MAC packaging has been black except limited edition. The name of the shade should be on top of the box as well as on the bottom of the product itself, and not some random number

- Authentic MAC brushes have barcode printed on the protective sleeve and not as a sticker. All brushes are matte color and not shiny. They do not come with hard protective plastic caps.

Please don’t buy fake MAC for your safety…No one judge you by what brand of make up you wear, most times they just sit at home in your cosmetic train case anyways, and ok you fooled someone for a few seconds that all your make up is MAC, but when you get those blemish scars it may be for life!