October 14, 2009

Because I know How To Pick Them

For those that loved boy bands back in the 90's, it's sad to inform you that Stephen Gately from Boyzone died a few days ago.

First of all, I got nothing against gay people and I'm pro gay marriage. I have friends who are gay. But yesterday when I heard the news, I was more surprised that he is gay than that he died. I had pictures of him on my locker wall in highschool! Gosh it was heart breaking when I found out that Darren Hayes from Savage Garden is gay.

How do you feel now you just found out 8 years later that “Truly Madly Deeply”, one of the most romantic songs in the 90’s, is about a guy confessing his love to another guy?! All that prebucent drooling for nothing!! I feel cheated. That’s him saying “Now that my career is done, just letting you ladies know that I pretended to like your kind. Yeah I lied to get rich and famous”

It also seems that I like the one gay guy in each band, like Dave Moffatt, Lance Bass and Darren Hayes. I just had to like Lance Bass more than Justin Timberlake when I was into NSYNC.

So I thought it'd be fun to compile a list of entertainers that came out of the closet. I'm sure every one of us ladies have drooled over one of the following guys at some point in our lives:

1. Darren Hayes from Savage Garden
2. Lance Bass from NSYNC
3. George Michael (so disappointing cuz he's fineee! And also lyrics to "Father Figure" shows that he likes them young.)
4. Mark Feehily from Westlife (meh I always thought Shane Filan was hotter)
5. Stephen Gately from Boyzone
6. Dave Moffatt from The Moffatts (I had the BIGGEST crush on him when I was 15, HUGE.)
7. The original Jesse James (yes, the western cowboy)
8. American Idols Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert, but not surprising.
9. Michael Stipe of R.E.M
10. Nathaniel Flatt from V Factory

Surpringly none of the members of Hanson are gay. Nor Ricky Martin, though some still question his sexuality even though he has a kid now.

Oh and actor James Dean and Billie Joe from Greenday and possibly Gavin Rossdale are bisexual. Thought I'd let you know that too.

Random post, eh?


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  2. It's always the best lookin' guys that don't love us women! eheheheh ^_^ interesting list of male gay popstars!! tfs

    i love your reviews too!!!

  3. Soon we don't have to order elf online anymore. Zellers will have it in November :-)

  4. Nice ELF haul! And sorry to burst your bubble, I've known Darren Hayes was gay for a long time, ever since their music came out! I think I was too awkward to really care, I just really liked their music hahaha and didn't drool over them. Lance Bass - ehh semi surprise, and Clay Aiken - definitely NO surprise there! Maybe I just idolized actors more when I was an awkward prepubescent teen ;P

  5. ELF makeup is my favorite!! It is all I buy now... and how can you go wrong when everything is $1... Love it!!!


  6. LOL.. i never knew that Darren Hayes is gay.. and i was laughing hard when i read: the song is about a guy confessing his love to another guy?! ROFL.. very interesting gay list.. :D
    i already knew that Stephen, Mark and Lance are gay though..

  7. Ricky Martin did come out of the closet as Bisexual. on my beach none the less!!! hehehe he was there wiff his BF in G-strings!!! EEEEEEEEEE corse i wasnt there personally but if you Google it im sure you will see the image .

    also add Keanu Reeves to the list! i was sooooo heartbroken i LOVE that man!!!! he makes me fall inlove with him in every movie. and he s married to i forget the guys name but yeah.

    hmmm. OOO Jonathan Taylor Thomas also. oh sorry babe is this strickly for pop bands or could it be actors too??
    my bad! =/

  8. yeah im totally broken hearted about it! Gyaru style is intense heheheh soi wanted like something fun simple for everyone not to be scared of me hehehehe omg

  9. i was also suprised the time that i heard that stephen gately is gay. my friend adored stephen gately during the time that boyzone was reigning...lol

    as for darren hayes, i already had this niggling idea that he is indeed gay, but since he didn't confirm it before so i was wondering all through the time.

    i think elf is actually a pretty nice brand plus its also cheap! which is one of the greatest thing ever!

    have you tried their studio brushes?
    you have to try the flat top brush
    me thinks its nice!

  10. Hmm I did find out about Stephen Gately being gay a long time ago but it didn't break my heart 'cause I was more of a Ronan Keating girl. lol! Oh God, I miss those days...

    And I have to admit that I got the biggest crush on Lance Bass when I was like 13 or 14. Ha!

    I'm ordering Elf soon, can't wait to get mine. Yay!!

    You look cute with the hairbands ;)

  11. WHOA! I remember that song by Savage Garden. Didn't know he was gay. Knew Lance was gay and always said Clay Aiken was gay! lol
    You'll be surprised who's gay though.
    I guess back then we were too young to know what being gay was? Who knows. Now that I look at him, he does look a bit "gay." How did you find out what the song is about though?

    It's like the older Hollywood Actors who always were the leading men, were actually gay.

    Nice e.l.f. and you have to try NYX blushes!! I like them a lot. No Studio Line Brushes? Now those are some fab brushes.

  12. AND WTF @ Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Keanu Reeves?!!! WHERE ARE YOU GUYS GETTING THIS FROM?! I feel lost and out of the loop.

  13. i can't believe your list! wowsers! i never even thought they'd be gay. yes, it's heartbreaking to hear that some of those guys are gay. :(

    like the haul. i just got the 10 pc studio brushes in the mail yesterday. have to post about that but man, they are soft! can't wait to use them. :P

  14. LOL you crack me up girl!! loved your comment! but yeah - i knew 'bout keanu - but JTT???!!!! OMG!!! he was my hearthrob when I was younger!!!!! T_T I'm never going to see "SIMBA" the same!! (hehehe he did the voice of young simba in "Disney's: the lion king")

  15. LOL okay okay I did research on Jonathan Taylor Thomas, HE IS NOT GAY. He did a cover for The Advocate (a gay magazine) but denied that he is gay in the interview!

    Keanu on the other hand, rumour has it that his life partner is Alan Cummings, one of the owners for Dreamworks (which explains why his shitty acting role gets him so many jobs anyways) but he never confirmed or denied it. Who knows.

  16. ha ha ha:) you are hilarious! Pop thats a gr8 list!!

  17. hmmmz.... I'm not sure if that person went to jail or not, I was only 2 at the time but I had to stay in the hospital for a very long time due to all that and was in a full body cast up to the age of 4 and slowly, certain casts were taken off until I was 5. It was sad, I remember going into the hospital and the doctors or whomever taken the cast off... I was scared! haha. Even though it was just cutting the cast off but you know... basically didn't remember not having a cast on and they slowly taking the cast off made me wonder. But I'm just glad that I don't have one leg shorter than the other since my nerves and something else was really damaged. People really shouldn't drink and drive =T It frustrates me.

  18. great ELF haul! I have a few ELF brushes and love them! I recommend trying NYX blushes I hear it is comparable to MAC :)

    What I really want to try from ELF is their HD powder

  19. The Lance Bass announcement was kind of a jolt to me b/c I had friends who were OBSESSED with him in high school. But now that I look back, it's not surprising that a lot of the boy band members were gay. After all, I don't know too many straight guys really into singing and dancing. In fact, all my gay bffs are into singing and dancing. LOL.
    Oh well...
    I love all your makeup. :)

  20. I don't really keep up with boy bands. I did remember hearing some years back when Stephen Gately came out. When I saw he had died the other day, I was shocked. I don't think I've ever had any girl I've had a crush on turn out to be a lesbian though.

  21. LOL. =)

    Nice haul & cuuuute headband!

  22. LMAO! OMG! I did research too after I saw those comments. I swear I never heard about JTT nor did I about Keanu Reeves.
    You know the guy from Mean Girls looks uber gay now?! I had no clue he was gay either!!!

    I saw a code for 50% off the Studio Line: EGSTUDIOX w/ $20. You MUST get the Powder Brush. I looooove it!

  23. Whoa, I think Hollywood is beaming with gay people. I kinda compare these people to flowers booming during spring time~~hehe. Anyhow, I have trouble accepting the fact that Truly Madly Deeply was a song for a guy! My bf would have a fit because he dedicated this song to me~~ahaha (Not that I'm against gays because I think they are one of the most creative people out there =)

  24. Eh, I liked Mark!!! Never knew that he was gay :[ I only knew #2, #3, #5 and #8 were gay though, no idea about the rest.

    What are the brushes that you bought? Can you recommend a good yet cheap crease brush? I'm looking around for one :)

  25. hmmmmmm

    you look so pretty!!!!!!!!

  26. i enjoyed reading about the gay part :)

    ooo! if you are going to try nyx blush, try "ANGEL" :) that one works for me very well!

  27. Woah! That was random! LOL, gay male pop stars! Though, I'm not sure but I heard Micheal Jackson was bisexual too... not 100% sure

    & nice ELF haul. I really want to try their studio line. Also, can't wait until you announce the winners to your giveaway!

  28. Ahhhh......now I'm disappointed too...really truly madly deeply is about guy love? ><

  29. I love ELF lipglosses :)
    You look so purdy. And glowy! Love the headband you made, J, it turned out so awesome.

    Oh, I adored Jordan Knight from N.K.O.T.B. yeah, he's so gay.

    Yes, be careful with that portable heater hon, that could be dangerous. And so sad that McD's discontinued...would've been so cute to have them all :(

  30. Too bad - ELF is another brand we don't carry around here in Toronto ;(

    But you made a very interesting note on the gay male pop stars. Yah, I'm pretty sure the majority of them are told by their reps to not come out of the closet in fear of losing female fans especially.

  31. I liked lance bass before my justin timberlake obsession! Now it's JT all the way :D haha

    I'm so impressed by the quality of elf products and the fact that they're only $1! I only wish I could see them in person rather than ordering offline. I really want to try their studio line brushes sometime in the future though ^_^

    I really like the mascara I just reviewed, it's less of a hassle to get off whenever I take off my makeup so that means less tugging around the eye, and less wrinkles in the near future! ahah :) I'd say it was a good purchase, but it can be a little pricey unless there's a free gift with purchase ^_^ that's how I bought mine!

    and btw, your cheeks look so pinchable in this picture! :D

  32. I love Savage Garden before!! ^_^

    Great ELF Haul! I only tried one product from their line :) and also I love your new crib! Super cute decorations :)

  33. omg I had NO IDEA!!!!! haha.. like how you made a little list :P

    elf stuff's pretty awesome :) i especially like their eyeshadow brush :) Have you tried their studio line yet (brushes)?

  34. NOOOO!!! @.@ 4-6 really break my heart!! dave moffats T-T and to know that the savage garden song "truly madly deeply" was a song dedicated from man to man is like...well..dunno how to say...I used to send it to my bf all the time hahaha XD
    I hope I can win your giveaways so I can try on ELF hahaha :p

  35. OMG!!!!! i was absolutely crazy about Darren Haynes too!Did you see the 'insatiable' clip?it was so hard to believe he was gay after seeing that sheeesshhh

  36. I LOVE ELF brushes, they are high quality brushes for an extremely cheap price. Ah, you make me wanna buy more now! haha

  37. First off... you look amazing in that photo!

    And don't forget Jordan Knight from NKOTB who I had a teenie crush on and years later (actually I think it was only earlier this year) found out wasn't straight. I must admit, I did feel cheated! And I was also incredibly shocked when I found out Ricky Martin has a kid!

    I am saddened by the death of Stephen Gately though. I never really got into Boyzone and I actually saw all of them in a Starbucks in the UK this July. I had no idea who they were and actually told them to move up the line because they were holding up the queue.. haha. Some teenie finally told me who they were (and I can't say that impressed me... I still had to wait longer than usual for my damn coffee...). Have a fab weekend!

  38. whoa.. i'm surprised! i had a crush to Dave M. too. haha..

  39. aw, that sucks! =( i love ur bow clip btw! =)


  40. Ricky Martin is gay man!!!! :P

    and I didn't know that the "truly madly deeply" guy is gay too!


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  42. haha, love your list of out of the closet guys! you look great too!

  43. OKAY. HOOOOOLD the phone. Truly, Madly, Deeply is about a guy confessing to another guy. okay, i feel cheated too. it doesn't help that its playing as your bg music right now. hahahaha! :P whhhhhhhhhat! i'm in shock.

  44. OMG OMG! why did you have to do this?? i had such a huge crush on Darren Hayes and turns out he is gay. Two of the guys from greenday are gay. Thank god you didn't have Shane Filan on that list, coz then i would have killed myself.

    You look great with the makeup though!

  45. i looooove elf products! but i agree, i too was disappointed with the eye widener...

    you look great!!

    Liz @ prdctjunkie.blogspot.com

  46. I had no idea about Darren Hayes until now! I haven't listened to Savage Garden in ages, but I loved them way back when I was in junior high.

    I'll probably buy a few ELF brushes now. I was curious as to whether they were soft or scratchy so I'm glad that the reviews I've read are all positive.

  47. Hi! <3
    Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog

    hope you don't mind :) I know you are always busy.

  48. OMG!! LOL =) I did not know that Darren Hayes is gay! I love that song and yes - I'm feeling a bit akward right now.

    I wish I had good experience with ELF products like you do. I actually don't like them =( I bought a bunch of stuff from them last month and considering throwing them away. =(

    You are so cute! Still loving your car?


  49. Yes it was unexpected!!

    I just listened to Savage Garden too this weekend for the first time in years (I "resurrected" a bunch of old songs on my back up hard drive). I think Truly Madly Deeply and I Knew I Loved You will always be my favorite songs.

  50. Loved Hanson too!
    Fortunately, have never liked cute boys, prefer handsome and manly! ha ha lol.

  51. aaah, truly madly deeply, that was seriously my favorite song in high school. I remember slow dancing at dances...LOL...the memories!

  52. I have always loved Darren and Savage, until now! gay or not, I still want him. LOL. =P

  53. These guys on your list are expected to be gays. it’s not surprising to me at all. Gays pretending to be guys is so predictable and easy to spot, that’s why I never like boy bands groups in the first place.
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  54. What? Michael Stipe? Gay? Wow! I’ve never really like the band R.E.M but I can’t believe he is a gay.
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  55. I've tagged you, AND it's a pretty new game... so go check it out, chica!


  56. All the brushes are equally good?
    Thanks for the review.