October 14, 2009

Because I know How To Pick Them

For those that loved boy bands back in the 90's, it's sad to inform you that Stephen Gately from Boyzone died a few days ago.

First of all, I got nothing against gay people and I'm pro gay marriage. I have friends who are gay. But yesterday when I heard the news, I was more surprised that he is gay than that he died. I had pictures of him on my locker wall in highschool! Gosh it was heart breaking when I found out that Darren Hayes from Savage Garden is gay.

How do you feel now you just found out 8 years later that “Truly Madly Deeply”, one of the most romantic songs in the 90’s, is about a guy confessing his love to another guy?! All that prebucent drooling for nothing!! I feel cheated. That’s him saying “Now that my career is done, just letting you ladies know that I pretended to like your kind. Yeah I lied to get rich and famous”

It also seems that I like the one gay guy in each band, like Dave Moffatt, Lance Bass and Darren Hayes. I just had to like Lance Bass more than Justin Timberlake when I was into NSYNC.

So I thought it'd be fun to compile a list of entertainers that came out of the closet. I'm sure every one of us ladies have drooled over one of the following guys at some point in our lives:

1. Darren Hayes from Savage Garden
2. Lance Bass from NSYNC
3. George Michael (so disappointing cuz he's fineee! And also lyrics to "Father Figure" shows that he likes them young.)
4. Mark Feehily from Westlife (meh I always thought Shane Filan was hotter)
5. Stephen Gately from Boyzone
6. Dave Moffatt from The Moffatts (I had the BIGGEST crush on him when I was 15, HUGE.)
7. The original Jesse James (yes, the western cowboy)
8. American Idols Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert, but not surprising.
9. Michael Stipe of R.E.M
10. Nathaniel Flatt from V Factory

Surpringly none of the members of Hanson are gay. Nor Ricky Martin, though some still question his sexuality even though he has a kid now.

Oh and actor James Dean and Billie Joe from Greenday and possibly Gavin Rossdale are bisexual. Thought I'd let you know that too.

Random post, eh?