October 22, 2009

Rihanna is a Copy Cat

I was going to spend today catching up on comments since I'm behind but I saw this and thought I'd share!

Rihanna can not be outdone by that trickster Cassie when it comes to leaking naked pictures and now she has proven that she can also not be outdone by Lady Gaga in terms of obscurity.

Here’s Rihanna’s cover picture for the upcoming movie “Saw 6”. I mean, for her latest single “Russian Roulette”. It looks like the barbed wire cut off all her nipples and a skunk died in her hair. But hey whatever she still looks hot.

Click here to hear her latest single. I personally fell asleep after a minute and half into the song. Singing slow songs really isn’t her thing. "Rehab" and "Shut Up And Drive" are still my favs.

You probably have already seen the cover but that I'm trying to get at this post is that you might think that Rihanna’s cover is all artistic and edgy but really, she got the idea from this guy.

At least he still has his nipples.