October 9, 2009

Tila Tequila Wants To Off Herself

Tila Tequila has posted enough strip tease videos on YouTube and slept with enough people that we all stopped paying attention to her. So now she has stepped up the game by twitting about killing herself. Here are the tweets according to Ace:

"It woulda been tonite I ended my life, but my friend caught me and stopped me. So I told him I will give him two more weeks. No one can stop me,"

"I am not depressed or unhappy! My life is amazing. It's not about that though! Like I said, God spoke to me and told me I am needed up there."

"Say wut u want. At least i care enough 2 tell u that u have 2 more weeks w me here So enjoy it. Appreciate it Now that u know im gone soon", "Did u know 5 years ago i drowned myself in a bathtub and the ambulance and police came just in time to bring me back to life", and "Goodnight everyone. Please take care of each other and dont take life for granted ... i am going to sleep now ... i wont be on twitter nemore".

Perhaps it’s the STDs finally catching up to her or perhaps since she’s only famous for sleeping around and posting lame ass strip tease videos on the internet that doesn’t show anything. If those were my life’s accomplishments I’d want to off myself too.

Either way, stay in tuned in 2 weeks for VH1’s documentary special of Tila called “The Life Cycle of Clamidia” if she’s actually gone. God bless Tila.