October 2, 2009

Tyra Stars on Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is known for its WTF moments and dramas and I suppose by now everyone has slept with everyone else in the script so the producers need to invent some new drama by bringing in some big names like Hilary Duff and now Tyra Banks.

Of course, the day that Tyra got casted on the show it's all about "LOOK AT ME!!" on her talk show, but more so than usual (hard to believe). As she proudly said:

“The people at Gossip Girl tell me I set a Gossip Girl hair change record. I had SEVEN hair changes, every single scene you see is some new hair on my head,”

Wow, Tyra is an innovator for African-American models (I swear in every interview she somehow manages to bring up her hardship as a black model) and now she is going to revolutionize the world of TV drama one hair change at a time.

I`m sure that she also set a Gossip Girl record by being the biggest b*tch diva they hired on the set so far.

And perhaps I`m a bit bitter, but hearing Tyra constantly talk about the hardship of being a black model in Hollywood reminds me that all they want Asians to do in Hollywood is Kung-Fu, and most Asian girls are also too short to be runway models while most of Asian parents won't support us unless it's about academia and piano. And there's that whole squinty eye joke. And that's just life. So Tyra should get over it.

P.S Thanks for all your comments in the previous post, it was soo much fun to read!! I'm behind on comments again because work is really busy. But I will catch up on comments this weekend, and post my giveaway by the end of the weekend!