October 29, 2009

Would You Tap This?

Here’s Barbie’s new love, the Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken doll. According to his formal Barbie introduction, this guy puts “sophistication in breezy palm beach” with his "dashing jacquard-pattern jacket and a light pink polo shirt" and his forehead that is big enough to preview a movie in a drive in.

The company’s spokeswoman says that the Sugar Daddy Ken “exemplifies fantastic Palm Beach fashion”. I don’t know what kind of sophistication Barbie is aiming for considering this sugar daddy Ken can’t even afford socks.

Anyways, if you are interested in tapping this guy who resembles a rapist on Law and Order or just a typical flamboyant gay guy, Sugar Daddy Ken is being released in April of 2010 and it is going for $81.99. Btw I think Barbie might be racist since the African American version of Ken is only $8.99:

Call me a cheap fig but I'd rather tap the African American version of Ken. He looks more friendly and doesn't look like he'll punch me in the face if I don't cook for him.

Btw also a reminder that my giveaway ends in a few days so remember to join! Have a safe and a great Halloween weekend :D