November 23, 2009

Champagne Style: Ice Queen

Hi loves, hope everyone had a great weekend! I've been wanting to do a winter inspired make up look for a while now and Natalie's Winter Make Up Contest gave me the nudge to finally get off my lazy butt and put my face on.

So here's me being an ice queen.

The contact lenses I got in my eyes are the green Geo lenses from their Angel series. My blog buds Lindah, Eki and a bunch of other bloggers already wrote their reviews on these.

As for my review, these lenses make my eyes more dry than my regular contact lenses so I don't wear them to work. But they are fun and they do give you the puppy dog eye look.

Some people have been asking me where I get accessories for my photos. I make a lot of them myself such as the flower headband I'm wearing (click here for my store), or I get them from the dollar store like the rhinestones I got on my face.

The dollar store is a silent gold mine when it comes to being creative & buying decorative junk for make up photos.

Others have commented to do more outfits in my posts. So here is something I put together.
I do love the boyfriend look. I'd pick wearing a blazer over a sun dress any day.