November 23, 2009

Champagne Style: Ice Queen

Hi loves, hope everyone had a great weekend! I've been wanting to do a winter inspired make up look for a while now and Natalie's Winter Make Up Contest gave me the nudge to finally get off my lazy butt and put my face on.

So here's me being an ice queen.

The contact lenses I got in my eyes are the green Geo lenses from their Angel series. My blog buds Lindah, Eki and a bunch of other bloggers already wrote their reviews on these.

As for my review, these lenses make my eyes more dry than my regular contact lenses so I don't wear them to work. But they are fun and they do give you the puppy dog eye look.

Some people have been asking me where I get accessories for my photos. I make a lot of them myself such as the flower headband I'm wearing (click here for my store), or I get them from the dollar store like the rhinestones I got on my face.

The dollar store is a silent gold mine when it comes to being creative & buying decorative junk for make up photos.

Others have commented to do more outfits in my posts. So here is something I put together.
I do love the boyfriend look. I'd pick wearing a blazer over a sun dress any day.


  1. i love your winter look! you definitely have put so much efforts on it. love the bling bling on your face :D who took your gorgeous pics btw?

    i was going to see this movie on last saturday but the lines were too crazy and it's already sold out. i guess i'll just have to wait till next week. i don't expect much from the movie though. LOL

  2. wow!
    nice entry

    i have been racking my brain for a winter themed look ever since i knew that contest
    good job,hun!

    you look so cool! (i used cool instead of hot just to fit the

    good luck,girl!

    haven't watched movies for a long time...
    have to watch it so that i won't be left

  3. i have to watch the movie i havent yet hahah i feel like sooo ashamed i have the hots for a minor!!!! (jacob) hahahahahah OMG! SOOO HOT! =D

  4. love that winter look!!! you should do a tutorial!!! ^_^ and your outfit is super cute!!! (showin' some skin huh?) heheheh you look great in your pictures - very happy go lucky and carefree!! ^_^ *Hugs*

  5. I love your ice queen style make up! You look gorgeous and like something out of Seventeen Magazine or something. :P
    I have yet to see New thinking next weekend perhaps...I'm in no hurry.

  6. WOW! Ur make up is stunning! U are a fairy! ;-)


  7. If you're going to pick a side pick someone that has class & money. Like a vampire

    You got that one right honey!!!

    OMG, I love your look! Everything from the makeup, flower headband, dress, poses = fabulousness!!!

  8. Your make-up looks beautiful, hun! I love it!!

  9. I love your ice queen make up look, very pretty and oh so coooooold hehe

    as for the hk house what if it was the other way around?? and the guy brought u back to his place and it looked like that!

  10. Gorgeous as always! The movie was okay, entertaining hehe. I didnt go and watch as a twilight fan (kinda over the hype anyway) and it was more fun to just watch and enjoy rather than go insane over scenes that were cut or lines that werent in the book lol

  11. love your winter look you look so pretty.....i agree with u on dollar store I love going there for just about everything for crafts....& I'm loving blazers too right now....

    I haven't watched New Moon yet...I'm a fan but I'm not in a hurry....hehe....but I like your life lessons from the movie...haha...It made me laugh but it's quite true....& I agree with u!!!

  12. you look so gorgeous in white/silver makeup. i can't work it to save my life D:
    love your outfit, i <3 blazers as well ^^
    i haven't gotten around to seeing new moon yet though

  13. I absolutely LOVED New Moon. MUCH better than Twilight. Seeing the movie I realized what a tease Bella can be. Bitch. Anyway, I loved it and you're right, movies can be good and JUST entertaining. Damn movie critics.

  14. I love your ice queen pictures! Beautiful. They should have recruited you for Narnia!

    I skipped your New Moon review cuz i haven't seen it yet!

  15. LOVE IT! You are the perfect ice queen!
    Good luck girly! I was hoping to enter in that contest, too.

    Chanel Iman is pretty, but as a VS Model is so random. lol She has the height, but her body is "VS MODEL-ISH" you know what I mean?

    I'm not into this whole Twilight hype! LMAO!

  16. Opps I meant Isn't* TYPO! lol

  17. no idea about the movie...

    but I love your ice queen look. seriously, I think you should win all the contests you've entered, you rock all the looks! Can't imagine there's someone better!

    I'm a blazer girl, love to wear them on ... anything!


  18. You look stunning in these pics! The frosty, winter look definitely works for you!

    I saw the movie, and I liked it better than the first. It's not an Oscar winner, but it's entertaining. And with a bod like that, I'll just ride Jacob all day lol, who needs a car??!

  19. i liked it!!!

    you look beautiful!!! i totally want those contacts...that would be fun!

  20. You look divine, darling! Amazing makeup!


  21. J, you always kill me. I swear.
    1) When a guy is always there for you it means that he wants something more than just to "be friends".
    Bah - that's just what the hubs says! All through HS and Uni that's the lesson he tried to teach me. I could be pretty dense back then of course he hated it.
    You are the pretties ice queen ever. Love it!
    And I love, love, love blazers. Yours is amazing.

    And snorts about Jacob not even having a car. Still gotta see it. Yes, mind numbing entertainment is sometimes the best kind :)

  22. Move over Snow Queen, here comes Pop Champagne's icy look!!! You look beautiful as ever! Well, I haven't seen New Moon, but I did see full moon lately, lol. Actually my brothers and I tried to watch the movie last Friday, but the line was too long and we had to wait for 3 hours for the next available tickets. On the other hand, my sister had seen the movie and posted in her FB status that New Moon is the cheesiest movie ever. Really? I'll find out this weekend when I see it =)

  23. wow! for the win entry!! goodluck hun. u did a great job!! looks really icey, you look cold! haha.. at HOT at the same time!

    New Moon is just alright for me too, but i enjoyed it and i'm satisfied. :) i like twilight more though. but neither one of them didn't do justice to the books.

    hahahahaha... yeah, get a car jacob!! :DDD ofcourse bella will say yes, i WiLL if she doesn't!!! :))))

  24. I went to see 2012 instead. *runs and hides*

    Thank you for joining my little giveaway, Pop! :D Oh man, Edward sounds like a pedo now...hahaha.

  25. good luck on the contest, your look is gorgeous!! also where do i get a blazer like that?! i like it!

  26. I love your winter look. You make a very stunning ice queen. Glad you enjoyed the movie. I love different kinds of movie. I love the high art kind that usually win Oscars. I also love popcorn movies that are just there to entertain.

  27. Whoah you look so pretty girl, a very pretty Ice Queen indeed. I love the colors and your pic with the pouty look is gorgeous ^_^

  28. I like your winter look!! :D it's coldly sexy hahaha...and that rhinestones on your face do emphasize the winter aspect. btw, i agree that dollar store is a good place to buy stuff to decorate!! I love dollar store!! (well here, it's 2dollar)
    and LOLZ about the lesson from new moon. Im yet to watch it but I dont expect much other than to amuse and entertain myself ^^

  29. Love the Ice Queen look, your necklace looks very cool also

  30. i can't wait to watch new moon especially with all the hype going on... i don't expect it to be really " deep" and though provoking though... just want to watch it cause of all the good looking vampires. don't all women love getting their neck bitten???? hahaha

    ur accessories and hair band are really pretty and they look unique!! i love them !

  31. Oh, it's alright. you really put a sticky note? LOL, you don't have to you know. :D

    of course i'll see it. but not soon :D. LOL at the legal thing. you're so funny. haha... i heard from my friend that some girls were screaming when Edward was on the scene. I hope it doesn't happen when i watch it :D

  32. You look great. This has to be one of your best looks ever. YOu are really great with make up. I wish I could do my make up like that. You gotta teach me. =)

  33. you are fabulous dear!! you just look an Ice Queen without a King!! and i love your make up.. how are you doing that? i gotta learn a lot from you!

  34. love the whole ice queen look with your icy, silver eyeshadow, rhinestones, and headband. that headband is so pretty. :D

    as for blazers, what i love about them is how they can go with anything whether its business, party, or casual. it's great for any outfit or occasion. :)

    i have not seen new moon. i've seen some previews and behind the scenes stuff on E! and i love the special effects. as for choosing between a vampire and werewolf, i'd go for the vampire. lol. i don't really want a guy that's TOO BUFF with a temper. i'd get so scared he'd fling me out the window once he gets mad at me. :P lol.

    This is just gorgeous I love it!!!!!
    Seriously it's in the bag, you are going to win for SURE!
    Love everything about it, the makeup, hair, accesories, outfit! You are just too gorgeous for words :)

  36. Oh P.s. The clips just clip into your hairline when you part your hair, it's pretty neat!! I will post a how-to use hair extensions soon :)

  37. Love the pics:) I haven't seen New Moon yet, but I have to do it:)

  38. you look like a true model in those pictures !!
    can you do a tutorial for this ? i find it really hard to work with my asian eyes . my eye shape is actually quite similar to yours .

    and nice geo lenses ! i've been wanting to hear reviews about them . dont think im gonna try them though since you said that they make your eyes dry.. my eyes are kinda sensitive so im not going to take risk ..

    thanks for this post !
    its very helpful :)

    check out my post now :)

  39. very nice photos - your makeup/outfit definitely carry out that icy look :)

  40. You're gorgeous have a unique look that's very striking.
    I haven't seen New Moon yet...think i'll wait til it comes to dvd like the other before i do. I'm silly like that...because i know i'll want to watch it over and over again :)-

    Have a wonderful turkey-filled week hun.

  41. You did an awesome job with the makeup and whole look of winter ;) Way to go! It's really pretty on you.
    I haven't seen New Moon and don't really intend to either. I was turned off with Twilight to be honest....I was disappointed with the casted crew, the acting especially and the way it was filmed. The book was so much better but that's always the case so far for me.

  42. Wow! You are so beautiful! I like your make up! I will do some similar make up in December :)

    Have a nice day!

    I haven't seen New Moon yet :(

  43. Awesome ice queen look! I love the rhinestones and the contacts you used!

    Haven't seen Twilight... it's not out here yet (at least not in English and I really don't want to sit through a French version... I think it would just make me laugh). You're so right with regard to critics though.. it's entertainment. Why would I want something overly dramatic that's going to stress me out more than work? Stress is the reason I usually try to unwind with a movie. LOL... and I felt the same about Memento! I think I gave up halfway... haha.

    P.S. I respect Heidi Klum for what she's accomplished and there's no doubt she's hot. I just find her annoying. I think a lot has to do with the fact I lived in Germany and speak the language. Over there, she's in at least 5 different commercials at the same time, hosts various shows including Germany's Next Top Model - so you really get to hear her talk a lot and just overacts and says stupid things... CONSTANTLY. None of my friends or ex-colleagues over there likes her, so I think it's just a combination of Heide overkill and the fact that she would be better of just shutting up and looking pretty.

  44. Hey, girl! Yep, saw New Moon. I liked it. It brought the book to life for me, and I think they stayed true to the book. Thats what was important for me. This movie made me even more excited for the next one.

    Love your ice queen look. Kinda innocent, but sexy look.

    Yes, dollar stores are the bomb. heehee. never know what cheap treasures you'll find.
    <3 Rina

  45. cuteeeeeeee makeup and outfits! i love it!

  46. Julie, i've just got your package! and i love everything in there, esp. the necklace. it's really beautiful. Thank you so much!
    oh, btw those sweets are so yummy, they're gone now :D

  47. Hey girl~ you look so frosty!! Loves it! =P And regarding your question on my hair, I used a straightening iron to crimp my hair like that. I don't use curling irons, I use my straightening irons to do everything from straightening to curling to curling to flipping. It works great!

  48. Ahaha love your review
    And love the pics! You look so pretty
    I always wanted to try bright blue lenses, like the ones from Memoir of a Geisha

  49. hola POP!
    You are a winner already ICEQUEEN!
    amazing makeup with those sparkle stones!

    totally agree with blazer over dress anytime..
    need to hunt for one figure fitting black blazer!
    where you get yours?

    hmm new moon is for high school kids..and what a joke to vampire stories~
    there are better vampire movies like inerview with vampire, Blade & Underworld

  50. I think you should totally win :) The pictures look great! I'm still trying to think of a look, but I don't think I'll make one in time lol ^_^ And I love blazers! I love borrowing them because I don't really own any! XD I need to wear my circle lenses on a daily basis to get use out of them before I have to chunk them, but my boyfriend says "who are you trying to lure in with your eyes!?!?" ahha xD But I told him I don't care! I paid for them so I need to use them!.. but then I don't have enough time in the morning to pop them in LOL :D

    anywho, aside from that story, I need to watch new moon still! I'm excited to watch it because I read all the books, but I guess I'm not much of an addict since I didn't go on premier night? :)

  51. LOVE LOVE the glam icey makeup look and the blazer outfit. Looking sexy as always girl.

  52. I love your ice queen look! absolutely beautiful

  53. You look beautiful! I'm sure you'll be the winner =]

    Edward's dad (was it Carlyle or something like that?) looks like Ken the barbie doll! LOL

  54. haha so true on the movies as entertainment thing. I think though that if you're a critic, you end up watching sooo many movies as your job that you get tired of any movie that doesn't try to challenge your mind a bit. Plus, they gotta impress all their film geeks friends right? ;)

    I like your blazer look! Yes, more outfit posts would be cool, although I do realize that your office doesn't really encourage the whole coordinated outfits thing ;)

  55. LOVE your outfit!
    I am a fan of the blazer look, and you pull it off so well! :)

  56. You look soooo pretty! Love the makeup!

    Check out my blog too if you want :)

  57. You have amazing bone structure! I totally see the model in you love! :)