November 1, 2009

Halloween Shenanigans 2009

The giveaway is now officially closed and the winners will be announced sometimes this coming week! Thanks to everyone who entered!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. As usuall mine consists of getting scandalouslly dressed and going out. And of course, dressing up to work- Hey, Halloween is the one day you can truly be whoever you want to be without getting judged!

I had 2 different costumes this year as my Sexy Santa costume is a bit too slutty for work. So here's me dressed as Lady Gaga for work. I pick her since I've never wore a wig before and I wanted to go blonde. Tip: cheap fake wigs have no ventilation so they get REALLY hot and messy!

My co worker said that I could have passed for a white chick. LOL. Meanwhile my friend T dyed his hair to look Asian. Well, more like a Volcan. But I still think Spock from Star Trek looks Asian.

And of course here are some pre-drinking and clubbing pics from last night. Sexy Santa may not be as creative as Lady Gaga but it does serve dual celebrations!

Have a great day! Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour today as well :)