November 9, 2009

Worst parking job ever & Want to know what hep C smells like?

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was busy and eventful. Yesterday was one of the not so great days as I found a load of dog crap on my lawn and when I was waxing my car I realized that some douche dented my car door. Some people are just so rude! But it's okay, at least it's better than this hit and run

Nothing much to say in this post other than that I'm still alive even though I'm behind on leaving comments. I've been a busy bee making stuff at GS&P. So I shall leave you this picture of Pamela Anderson promoting her new perfume this weekend

MALIBU ~ New Fragrance by Pamela Anderson - For times when giving head is not enough to get you a second date.

Gosh I knew I should have gone into marketing instead. Or bowling. Bowlers make the same movement 8 hours per day throwing that ball, the pins are always at the same spot and the length of the lane is always the same. How challanging can it be when you practice the same thing over and over again as a full time job? It's not like football hockey when you have other factors like some angry dude is coming at you because you have the ball...

Okay, that was totally random. Anyways, don't forget to enter my sponsored giveaway below. And I'm off to catching up on your blogs and comments :)