November 9, 2009

Worst parking job ever & Want to know what hep C smells like?

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was busy and eventful. Yesterday was one of the not so great days as I found a load of dog crap on my lawn and when I was waxing my car I realized that some douche dented my car door. Some people are just so rude! But it's okay, at least it's better than this hit and run

Nothing much to say in this post other than that I'm still alive even though I'm behind on leaving comments. I've been a busy bee making stuff at GS&P. So I shall leave you this picture of Pamela Anderson promoting her new perfume this weekend

MALIBU ~ New Fragrance by Pamela Anderson - For times when giving head is not enough to get you a second date.

Gosh I knew I should have gone into marketing instead. Or bowling. Bowlers make the same movement 8 hours per day throwing that ball, the pins are always at the same spot and the length of the lane is always the same. How challanging can it be when you practice the same thing over and over again as a full time job? It's not like football hockey when you have other factors like some angry dude is coming at you because you have the ball...

Okay, that was totally random. Anyways, don't forget to enter my sponsored giveaway below. And I'm off to catching up on your blogs and comments :)


  1. I'm sorry about the dog crap and the dent in your car. That's terrible. I hope you've had a great Monday. I'm getting ready to head into work. Take care.

  2. ARGH! That happened to Boyfriend too, a few weeks ago. Someone dent in his car, and there was/is a huge scatch and bump at the front, with the red paint from the other car! such a loser, for not leaving a number!
    Sorry that it happened to you too!!!


  3. Oh my gosh, well after seeing that video, I guess we can't complain. JK, hell yeah we still have the right to complain when jerks hit our cars and just leave!

  4. LOL, Julie you are so random today! I couldn't stop laughing at everything that you said =D

    Awww... someone dented your car? *shakes fist at the irresponsible person*

  5. yeah it sucks when you discover unknown dents and scratches on your car! i'm pretty much use to it now and figure it's nearly impossible to keep people at bumping or banging into your car at the parking lot

    and lol at Pam's new fragrance! and wait.. does giving head really guarantee you a 2nd date? i think most guys would just bounce after already getting what they want from you!

  6. so buying that when the dome just wont work. lmao jp

  7. lol, I can't believe they left the scene!!!!

  8. Wow talk about not knowing how to park. I would be pissed if I found my car like that. I hope they caught the person.

  9. ahh, bad parking... bad driving... it's as normal as breathing here in richmond. hahaha! ;P that reminds me of that youtube video compilation of the worst woman drivers.. the woman who took i think 7 minutes to park backwards. FAIL!

  10. She's STILL around? She'll try anything to get out of her money slump :)-
    I think that if her perfume attracts the men she's had...I'M A STAYING FAR FAR AWAY.

  11. haha really?only 1 deifferent answer???awwww
    i seriously still cant park a car !this scares me !bahahaha
    if i were holding the ball in hockey game,i would throw it ASAP as if it was a nuclear waste ball !lollll

  12. Hysterical post, darling!
    I can't believe Pam A. has a perfume... it just lends itself too easily to jokes!


  13. That is a really parking failure.
    Pamela A. released her own perfume line? hmm...

  14. Oh my! I watched the video. I am so sorry what happen to your car. But thank god it's not worst than we can ever think.

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  15. the video is indescribable @.@ how could the driver just left like that!! talking about cowardice -.-" lolz..everyone famous seems to have their own parfume line, I guess it's a very profitable business huh?

  16. I'm sorry about your car. Some people are such assholes sometimes. I can't believe the person didn't even leave a note with their number or something. :(

  17. Oh my gosh what was that guy on??? Who does that??? Guy probably just came from a monster truck rally....

    Sorry about your car, hon.
    I feel for you...dents galore - 2 major ones while we were parked. Makes me not want to get a new car with all these bozos around.

  18. hey there! I have oily skin.. not radiant skin! haha. but, I just wear tinted moisturizers now a days with a bit of missha bb cream on troubled areas! also, the good light makes me look much more radiant. so, thanks to sunlight! haha

  19. sorry about your CL! :) I have a little ding on my rsx, but it was there before so I think I've taken okay care of it... except for the bumper when I went down this 1.5ft curb! HAHA, asian chicks driving.. *sigh* but I'm a pretty good driver ^_^ I can parallel park! HA XD

    and please don't make me smell that hep c! :X I'm scared I might catch it

  20. yay! another husky lover :D
    my brother is same with you, he's crazy about Kelly Clarkson's Already Gone but hate Beyonce's Halo. but i do think Halo is quite nice :p
    LOL, you make beyonce sounds old...

  21. Wow! That hit & run was so horrible. How can you hit like that when you're driving that slowly? I'm 99.9& sure that the driver wasn't watching the road. =.=

  22. This is too hilarious!!! bwahahahahah glad that wasn't my car!

    love your random comments on celebs - they totally make my day!

    I tagged you on my blog too. have a wonderful day and thanks for saying my dd was cute LOL she's one character. ^_^

  23. LOL at the Video ahhh poor blue & white car :(

    but then again it was funny ^_^